The Star Touched Queen 

I have been pretty ambivalent about this book, since the earlier part I did sort of enjoy despite having some pretty glaring issues with it. 

Particularly about feminity here, where the main character happens to be the only good female character around. And the rest are either dead or evil. And her best friend just so happens to be a female …horse. Yes, horse. I have no idea why can’t there be another character who is strong apart from her. 

As for the plot, I was mostly bored by it. And that at the front with Maya’s utter distrust of Amar had been completely believable, but then it becomes rather ridiculous in fact. Their relationship intially had started out well before it became rather shaky, where it was still believable until it came out of an utter stranger and she believed him over the guy she spent more days with him. Which was still ridiculous. 

Afterwords, I had been more or less bored as well. Seeing Maya trying to figure out her way and eventually having almost no goal and even drive for most of the book. The entire world between them although fascinating but Maya has almost no agency at all, and really lacks any depth beneath that. 

Same for Amar, he barely almost had any depth at all apart from being mysterious. And really lacked in any way possible to charming, choosing to give an offer for o girl he just met to be his queen and asking for her trust doesn’t strike me as such. And he just takes her like that. 

So, I’m more or less unable to rate it quite high, since it has some issues that is evident here. Overall I can’t really recommend this since it’s a rather bland and dull read. 
Rating: 2 out of 5 


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