Queen Of Shadows 

I feel absolutely nothing after reading this. Not interested in what happens next, neither caring for the characters in the least. And I personally was bored when I read it, it was long tedious and most importantly about to bore me to sleep. 

And the biggest complaint is having the king who is a jerk all of a sudden be revealed to actually be a good person. Can there be any one who is actually evil here that isn’t mind controlled? But there isn’t really. And being killed with almost no backstory regarding his transformation except getting possessed. 

As for Aborynn, I didn’t care more or less about how he died as the king of the assassins. He was boring and not interesting, there was almost nothing pulling me in for him. 

As for all the characters here, I want to see something more. Maeve is non-existent here, I barely even see her. But if she is also an antagonist, I hope that she isn’t just a misguided or misunderstood soul. 

Because after four books of reading the same villain, then all of a sudden he’s not one, I’m like: what’s the point of building him up to be this big bad then? 

As for Aelin and Rowan, couldn’t care less. I really could care less about what happens with them, and in the next book either. Their relationship didn’t feel like romance to me, neither did I want to ship them. Aelin really lost her charm here for some reason, as I tread through the book itself. Not that the rest were any better. 

And Manon, she wasn’t so bad. I managed to get interested in what she’s doing. And I get the feeling she’s not straight, like seriously. I don’t feel as though she would want to date a guy from what I feel of her. 

Nesryn, she really feels more like a plot device more than anything else so that Chaol wouldn’t end up alone. Chaol, personally, he at the beginning his reaction was more or less human. He was really human to be afraid of something that you have been taught to hate, and then he doesn’t have much development here. 

When I want to see development it means that they really have to struggle and suffer, which I really didn’t see here. Aelin was boring, Lysandra like a mirror and Rowan, was he even there? And be forced to make pretty difficult situations, as well as having the villain be something. I just simply didn’t see it here. It’s just what I feel, feel free to disagree but I just simply didn’t like the book and it took me a long time to read this, many days went where it still remained unfinished. 

Overall, I can’t recommend this at all because I really really don’t like it. And that I might not even continue to read  the series in the least, because It’s really tedious for me to go through. 

Rating: 2 out of 5 


6 thoughts on “Queen Of Shadows 

  1. Opps, sorry, my finger slipped. I haven’t read this series yet, but I no one says good things about it. After reading all the reviews from fellow bloggers and writers, I’m surprised this a best-seller series.

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  2. I enjoyed Queen of Shadows but only because of the minor characters. Like you said, Aelin and Rowan are so boring I have no interest in them as a couple. If you think this book was bad, Empire of Storms absolutely ruined the series for me. I now actively hate Aelin because of that book. I totally agree, she has lost her charm. She feels like such a different character than she was in the first novel and not in a good way – she is even more selfish and annoying than ever.

    Seriously, don’t waste your time finishing the series. I feel like SJM writes these massive books because that’s what she is known for now, but doesn’t develop the plot accurately so they drag on. Instead of saying something in 3 words she uses 20 – instead of an average size novel of about 400 pages she tries to reach 600-700 which results in a boring novel.

    Wow, I didn’t realise I had so many feelings until I wrote this down, lol sorry for that. But you did a great job of outlining the issues with the book. 😀

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