This entire week, I have been enthralled by this series. There is a lot of pleasure which I had gotten from reading this, and this has become my new obsession so far in anime and manga. Mostly manga, which had more or less gotten a reaction out of me many times. 

So far, I have fully caught up with the manga and got myself to reading all sorts of really super weird theories which are likely to be true. But at the end of the day, it’s all speculation anyway. And really, I’m still more or less amazed by the foreshadowing done so early into anything, than slowly peeled off revealing a little more each time. But I’m more of an occasional reader anyway.

Favourite Arc: Noah’s Ark Circus 

I really have to admit that it is one of the most well done arcs so far. Where the entire arc showcased what were the most prevailing themes in Kuroshitsuji, such as tragedy, moral ambiguity(Ciel does something incredibly horrible during this arc) as well as the villains, who all really aren’t that bad lot of people. They ultimately just paid the price for what they did, although not deserving it to be as harsh as it was, but still nonetheless what was eventually coming for them. 

The one reason why I do like Kuroshitsuji is also because of its really morally ambiguous characters, both Ciel and Sebastian aren’t good people, and despite how much I like them, I can see a bad end in store for them. More than likely due to the themes of the manga itself, as well as the morality of them. You see them do a lot of questionable things all the time. 

Despite having no final antagonist in visible sight(not in the shadows, more than likely it’s someone within the cast that was introduced in the first place, or at least mentioned). But I still like the manga and its pacing so far, and all the mysteries shrouded in it. 

Another reason why I like it further it’s also due to its bizarreness and the possibilities, as well as having some typically very cliché arcs having its own unqiue spin which I did enjoy. Whether it was incredibly humorous or anything. And the most important, none of the characters ever seem to be just what they are. There is always something beneath them other than that. 

So, I would probably be reviewing the subsequent chapters where it continues as well as the theories if I have some. 

So far in the manga… 

As for what I feel about the latest chapter, is more or less about Bravat figuring out how Ciel is shrewd enough to use almost anything, from merchandise to songs. Which also proves something about Bravat, that he’s also bright enough, it gives the feeling that he’s more or less well aware of what they are doing. My guess is also personal reasons, since the Lords of the Stars also can have some relation to him. He doesn’t seem to be just a lackey to keep around if he could figure that much out. 

Which can also mean, since he has shown parallels to Joker, yet some undeniable differences in terms of hair colour and even intellect. Joker may have not been very bright, given that he believed all Baron Klein just told him about the workhouse and didn’t try to see it for himself just once, Bravat doesn’t give off that kind of aura to be honest. Given what I have seen of him so far, and this chapter just supports that he might have personal reasons, because he may not be a genius, but he isn’t foolish either. Which is more or less why I’m invested in his character and where does he stand in this entire arc. 

As for Undertaker bring here, I really think it should more or less be a given here. But what if he isn’t, there is still no way to confirm whether he is really with this cult. Although more or less hints do point to this, without really any real confirmation within the manga itself, he may also not be involved. But I really don’t know either way, but I’m putting myself onto the ‘he’s involved camp’. 

But I have really been quite invested in this series so far which is likely going to be soemthing I frequently discuss about or just post reviews monthly. 


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