2016: How Did I Fare As A Writer? 

Not exceptionally well I can say. I may have written a lot of works, but finally completing a work seems so far away. On Wattpad, I’m only halfway through Hidden Within Dawn, a work that I began in May. And Book Of Mystics which began in early February, I once again rewrote it from scratch. As for A Maiden’s Ballad, which is going to be long and slow, only managed to get over 10,000 words. 

Well, so I once again lost myself and began to work from scratch again especially for book of mystics(it’s my third time rewriting it and I’m serious) but I’m still satisfied with what I did this year. 

At least one thing I managed to get right was improving my writing by quite a lot, even though it’s still far from good. So even though I barely did anything this year, I’m still rather satisfied. As I’m still learning and 

As for what I would plan for 2017, I’m going to tone down a little since my next year is hectic for school schedules. But that’s for another post. 

Although I haven’t actually reached anywhere, I feel rather satisfied with what I have done. I had done many more rewrites and honed my craft as a writer, though still far from good, but it’s an improvement. 

Also, another have to reaching the halfway mark for Hidden Within Dawn, or at least almost reach that mark. I’m already pretty close from when I started posting it, and I’m still plotting to straighten out some details there, and to tie up loose ends. 


Daughter Of Smoke And Bone


This took me a rather long time just to read, it just wasn’t what I expected and wanted as well. Well, it wasn’t a complete disappointment on my side but rather it just didn’t meet all of them. 

Karou here wasn’t really that bad, bust at times just didn’t meet my expectations. Although I do find her interesting and she does grow somewhat such as regaining her own memories in the end and who she is. That part was a surprise on my part. 

Another issue would be the pacing and how slow it was, it just wasn’t what I expected as well. Maybe a little more, though I do like Akiva and the worldbuilding here. Such as Chimeras, Seraphim which was interesting. It was more to do with the style which failed to grab me, and that I just couldn’t find myself just reading every paragraph. 

And the dialogue didn’t really grab my attention, although at the beginning the handprints were fascinating and the deaths as well. It was just the dialogue which failed to captivate me in that sense, and also made it harder to know the characters. 

This book just isn’t my thing. It does move at a good pace, but maybe not totally to my style either. As such, this is just a case of it’s not the book, but the issue lies with me. 
So overall, I won’t reconmend it, but you can check it out if you’re curious. This just wasn’t to my taste and I won’t say anything, it might be yours but just not mine. 

Rating: 3 out of 5

Having Expectations As Writers 

This is something that bothers me a lot yet rarely ever does now. Because I’m accepting that I’m just honing my craft, and a lot of my writing isn’t that good, and maybe I would not have learned to improved if I gotten too famous. 

And that I prefer feedback over anything. Anything that gives me on how I did well overall and pointers to improve. Though I also like having votes, comments, and praises. But honest feedback is what gets me anywhere and makes me well aware of my strengths and weaknesses and where do I need to focus on when I go onto different drafts. 

Well, I guess having almost no expectations for my work did help. I put in my best effort, then I just wait to see what kind of result would happen. If it wasn’t popular, I would still see it to the end, if it was, I would just be happy about it. And most of my works are the type that I just want to write it, I didn’t start any of it due to it being in certain genres, it was just what I wanted to write from the start. 

Since I’m still mostly learning the craft of writing, not wanting to become a popular writer. And that I don’t really think that I’m that good to deserve it. I still have a long way to go before I can say I’m even a good writer, if ever. 

And another factor which makes me satisfied with wanting a slow and steady increase. Because I would need to be able to slowly adjust to that sort of fame, which actually does terrify me sometimes. Even if I dream of it, I think slowly gaining it will do me good than having it overnight. 

And most of my works aren’t really typical, mostly set in faraway worlds which have taken a permanent home in my mind, to historical eras that just aren’t every person’s thing. 

So what do you think? Do you think setting high expectations is good? Or just slowly gaining them better? I would like to hear from you regarding this. 

Criticism: How do I deal with them? 

I mostly deal with criticism through this method, I just deal with it offline. And with a little analyzing before I just put it behind me and move on. 

Because really, it’s tiring if every little bit of criticism gets to me, and most of them is tearing apart my writing and grammar. And if I spent all my time just editing, I wouldn’t able to spent it on thinking up what future chapters are about. 

And another major reason why I don’t go back to it, it’s because it’s mostly a first draft for me, and really I mostly listen to those who criticise me on the plot, character, show not tell part. Because grammar wise, I can still polish it eventually and even look for an editor to help me when I can’t do it myself. Which probably would be after the last revision, I don’t want to burden an editor when I only have three chapters written. 

But I need my plot down first and my characters to be alive, before I think about the writing and grammar. If I spent it worrying over every little detail than more than likely I won’t get anything done. Those details I can scrutinize it once my plot is strong, my characters are characterized well enough. 

And I’m the type that needs to update as I write, otherwise I really get lazy and then forget to write. If not for all the stories which are piling up in my head that I keep on writing, and sometimes even looking for new ideas. 

So, I deal with it by just reading it, shrugging then moving on. Especially if it’s mostly to do with grammar, I’ll eventually go back to it, just not now when I’m still on my first draft. And I still read through all my chapters before I post at least once, usually to add things or to straighten some issues that I think needs to be fixed. Grammar just isn’t my strong suit to say the least. 

So, how do you deal with criticism? And how does it really affect you? Or how much of it do you really listen to? Please leave it all below as I would really like to hear from you. 

These Vicious Masks 

This is a really really fun book to read, and brought me quite a lot of joy as well after some pretty dark works, and heavy works, maybe returning to this also became enjoyable. Although not too light, but it’s still a good and enjoyable read. Which is also one of my most unexpected books that entertained me this year. 

Evelyn is one of the better protagonists I have seen so far. She’s entirely focused on trying to save her sister, even though the ending is unexpected and twists aren’t really all that it seems. She still keeps her head in the goal of saving her sister in the end, even swoony guys don’t distract her. 

As for the love triangle, it is quite one. Yet, I don’t really hate it, both sides of the triangle are rather interesting. One being a detective who’s actual gift is to force people to tell the truth, and another is someone who can kill you with his presence and especially quick if you touch him. Talk about deadly touch. 

And both sides have their own flaws, deadly secrets that made Evelyn unable to decide. And for once, she doesn’t excuse either of the boys from the rules or even forgive them based on looks alone. That is believable for me to say. 

As for the hidden abilities all possessed, it didn’t really bother. More or less felt fitting even the ending bit where another plot twist was pulled, that power made a whole lot of sense why Rose would be considered a healer. And countless hidden abilties in the people all around Evelyn, most of her allies have some abilties. 

As for Miss Grey, I like her and I do want to know more about her. She did after all survive an insane asylum and would be an interesting character to read nonetheless. I’m just hoping that some importance would go to her time there, it’s a pretty traumatizing thing to go an asylum during those times. 

And Camille, she may be a minor character but she really was what I liked in this entire book. She may be more willing to betray, but that doesn’t mean she’s fascinating. She’s someone who disguise herself, even admitting that she might not even have a true self, which I mean makes her one of the most intriguing characters. I just have fingers crossed that she might appear in the next book. 

And the book provides some of the wittiest dialogue I have read, since Six of Crows and provides plenty of entertainment as I chuckle at some of those lines. Particularly Camille’s that woman is interesting with her lines, both quotes that I have taken come from her. 

And I like how the title actually translates to many ways, about how people are willing to do vicious things to keep other things under wraps. And having masks and secrets, all the while depending on it to grow. 

Overall, this is a pretty fantastic and fun read. If you’re looking for a good Victorian era fantasy, I would suggest this, little but still incredibly enjoyable and for once a heroine that puts her family first. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


We do not remain the same each minute to the next. Every word you hear, every sight you see, every smell, every thought you have, every moment—it all changes you. We keep putting on mask after mask, layers over layers. That’s how one grow. 

The moment you doubt your appearance is the moment others will sctutinize your behaviour

Three Dark Crowns 

This was an underwhelming book, it dragged on for a long time until the end. And really most of the beginning is set up, where I would have preferred some intrigue early on, where all the sisters start. 

Well, I thought that this might be quite different seeing that we have three sisters which are meant to fight for the throne and decide it. I was expecting them to fight it out early on, using any means to get the throne. But it never came, even until the end. 

I don’t really sed Mirabella, Katherine or even Arisonoe actually trying to outwit each other. It was mostly all around them, they just simply listened. Their resolve to get the throne doesn’t even come until the end, where Katherine gains somewhat of a resolve. The rest of them, were as empty as they were before. 

Worldbuilding wise, it is interesting even though I don’t have much information on how do they even get money, or even have that kind of resources to continuously have so many princesses try and kill each other. 

And what happens to the guys? What if they are born to the Royal family, I’m certain that even the goddess cannot prevent that kind of choice. I haven’t gotten anything about what happens to them, and where do they end up. Even princesses in reality have duties to fulfil. 

As for the power all going to black council, what does the queen actually do? Even puppet Queens are mostly just a figure, the story does say that they are supposed to guide them. But then, what do they actually do to help the people and guide them? It never was clear. 

And it never really seemed that any of the three princesses actually thought about their duties or seemed to know what it entailed. If the power lies with the black council, why are they even bothering to kill each other for? If it’s absolute control over the entire world, sure by all means go ahead, it’s a plausible goal. But without the real reason why the queen even exists in the first place and what role does she play, it just becomes really really unclear and doubtful why are they are choosing to kill each other. 

However, the Naturalists, Poisoners and Elementals are actually an interesting bunch of people. They all seem to meld together even though how harmony is actually kept is far beyond me, given how little I knew of it. 

Most of what’s here is mostly about the characters, and their love interests, and actually little about the plot. I found myself mostly skimming the book, and just reading it without my brain on. The only thing relatively scheming is the ploy to convince all others it’s sacrificial year, and the entire scheme to retaliate. The ending was actually quite interesting to read really but other than that, it was mostly boring.

Overall I can’t really recommend this because it’s really really not what I expected. Maybe I might read the next book and see what the Queen actually does and more about the world. But it’s something I’m not sure about. 

Rating: 2 out of 5 

The Final Empire

Well, Brandon Sanderson is making his way to the top of my favourite fantasy authors. I just loved this book, for all the issues here is actually intriguing. With that one single question can come such a complex book, with many surpises at the end. 

The twists were actually something that I didn’t really see coming, although the hints were there. Also, the plans for a rebellion are actually pretty decently well thought out. It feels like a rebellion plan against someone who has controlled an empire for over a thousand years, and it actually is complex and just perfect. 

The main character Vin she’s actually relatable, all her emotions are yet never felt as though she was top stupid to live. Some moments even when it’s complete idiocy, I just find myself cheering her on, and hoping she succeeds. And in the end, she was a hero of a sort. But not a hero made by prophecies but rather by choice. And slowly from just a really mistrustful creature that she is in the beginning, to someone that learns to trust and even love. 

Kelsier, he is truly the most foresighted idiot I have ever read about. He is ruthless, and his plan may have been insane(he did just engineer his own death) and all the more workable in the end. It’s like he knew what must be done, and how to bring up all the skaa for a rebellion in the first place. It was one of the greatest surprises I have read about in the end, and that I liked his character, and his death is more or less a surprise, but it’s more surprising that he chose to die to rise upon them. 

Elend, he was actually an interesting nobleman. And perhaps he isn’t such a bad person, actually I like having both sides of the coin being shown. That not all nobleman are truly evil. And his wishes to actually change the world one step at a time. 

The world is deep, and actually well thought out with Allomacy actually being one of the most developed magical systems. And for once is actually brutal, what do they do when noblemen sleep with skaa, they most likely have to kill her afterwards. To even those keepers, where most of them are castrated and in the end, actually why is pretty horrifying and terrible as a reason. 

Enough on that, the main villain may have been rather not there for most of the book, but then there is actually some pretty interesting twists. And the concept he is surrounded by at the beginning is a hero that must have went mad with power, but not exactly either way. The end reveals a lot more of secrets behind him, and is surprising all the while revealing his true identity. 

Overall, The Final Empire had been something I wanted to get my hands on for a long long time. And it does live up up to almost all expectations I have, and for once the world is actually well thought out rather than based off some culture with some twists inside. So, would I recommend it? To all fantasy readers, mostly high fantasy. 

Rating: 5 out of 5