What Is A Voice 

To me, it’s the voice of your narrator. Whether they are unreliable kept to single perspective, the narrator’s voice is always the most important. It’s never the writer’s voice but the characters. 

For certain characters I would change the writing, as well as certain settings. Because tone would change with the genre as well as the setting. Which is how the tone and voice are formed. Voice is also how you describe things whether you are vague with certain, specific with others. 

And that with different characters I realise that it is all about the perspective of the main character. Unless of course you are writing non-fiction, then your writer voice has to come out. Other than that, it’s more or less the protangonist or the omniscient narrator. 

Then, how do you figure out the voice. What makes your character tick, how do they say things? Are they straightforward? Are they evil? Hard to trust someone? Paranoid? Do they have a formal way of speaking? Which era were they from? 

Like I said, background and setting have a lot of role to play. As well as their personality traits, which is something that contributes a lot to how it’s written. A lot comes down to the characters and how they would view it far more than the writer. It’s ultimately up to the writer to portray it in the best words possible. 

What do you think about this? Do you think that voice boils down to finding it in your main character? Let me know what you think of this? 


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