The Fifth Season 

This wasn’t easy to read, as I read it little by little each day. But it was enjoyable and that for once I have a decent post apocalyptic fantasy that is actually planned out well. 

Such as the earth being angry at them, and instead of mother it was fsther. And that the seasons all had to end as well. The world was actually fascinating such as the geology, the history and what they did. The secrets were slow and began to expand slowly bit by bit. 
As for the main character who has multiple names, never did I think that they were all the same person at the end. And the story was written in an interesting way and point of view. Almost as though it was talking about the reader. Now, then I know that all the chapters were detailing all the different names she held. .

From a young child as Damaya, to Syenite and eventually Essun. I loved how each were quite different yet still the same. As for her story, well I can believe it is a very sad past to have. And her character’s actions can even be understood once I reached the end. 

But I loved how the earth is, constantly against the human, somehow because they turned against them. All the seasons recorded were interesting and even intriguing and the current season may last for centuries. As for the orogenes, they were powerful yet dangerous. Most have great abilities but they tend to be whisked away from young. 

As for the plot, well, I can see where it’s heading. Though for me it dragged at times, but never did I really lose interest in Essun who was trying to find her daughter Nassun. And the beginning of the end, where it would happen eventually and Essun having to learn. 

The worldbuilding here is truly befitting of a fantasy apocalypse type, which I haven’t read in a long time. Overall, I just enjoyed this even though it was sometimes hard to move on. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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