Well, this was actually a pretty decent read. The motives and opinions make me think about it. Whether unwinding is truly useful or not and soon enough I’m almost finished. And the ending, it’s just a beginning of what’s to come as well. 

What did I enjoy? Reading a rather decent and thought provoking ya dystopian where it’s mostly dominated by governments who have just found a great new way to just kill kids. Even when it makes little to no sense. 

The world here which believed unwinding is a compromise that solves all their problems along with abortion. And many parts say it was perfect but then, in actual reality didn’t make humans lives valuable rather cheapen it. All the laws which followed was actually a result. 

I can see why a lot of people accept it, since there were many occurrences when it happened such as CyFi, to seeing how someone was unwound literally was quite unnerving but makes me think how was it possible that they can live on. Probably to retain consciousness of them in a sense keeping them alive. Even though seeing that to someone I didn’t like, was indeed quite horrifying to know how you were taken apart. 

Another thing I found enjoyable was the little romance, although hinted at but it’s not the centre of the story for once. It’s much more about the survival and possibility of how they can stay alive until they turn eighteen. 

And Risa, I loved her. She was a character that was intelligent and only set aside because she wasn’t good enough. She didn’t have enough talent. But her need and desire to want to survive was evident from the start where she asked to learn another. Even more so in the end where she decides not to have her spinal cord changed. 

As for Connor, well I really really hate his parents. Was he a problem student? He wasn’t, he clearly wasn’t. His parents wanted a perfect son, but heads up first, no one is perfect. All children have their own issues and problems and choose to unwind their child just because they weren’t the best, well they neither were incorrigible either. He was kind, just very very impulsive and not able to think things through. And I agree with how he treated his parents, they were idiots. It wasn’t as though they were raising the epitome of evil, just a child with plenty of issues that with good patience and guidance he would be useful to society. 

Lev, well he changed a lot. And his circumstances are very interesting where he is a tithe to the family, and eventually slowly changing. In the end, I did like the possibility of his ending where his brother might get custody of him, to him becoming a clapper. 

And those characters they all added up somehow to contribute. And even tales which was spinned off really well in my opinion such as the tale of Humphrey and his parents trying to put him back.

I enjoyed the world because of the possibilities and that most were explored already. Such as tithes, parents who regretted their decisions and what happens to abandoned infants. 

Overall, this was compelling and enticing and make me think about what we should really think. Treasure life or choice? And also I think I would most definitely continue with this. 


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