Rebel Of The Sands 

This wasn’t a bad book. From the beginning I enjoyed it, despite not being the best I have ever read. But the setting was quite refreshing to the typical usual European fantasy. This was quite different and a change, guess Middle East do have some very very interesting mythology. 

The plot her is rather simple and quick to end, where Amani just becomes a part of a rebellion and her character was rather interesting. Where the beginning opened with her dressing as a boy and her mother as well. The history on how its women can be killed for laying with another as well as harems and princes. 

Well, the one thing I have to complain should be the scope. Although at the end, it sets it going but I would have wanted a little more, as I want to have a little more about thought provoking oind of thing. 

One thing I glad for is the lack of romance although hinted and developed, hasn’t really gone into that sort of phase yet. And that it feels more natural than most, I rather have a small relationship rather than a huge one. 

Amani is quite a typical badass heroine, which I have started to find very very bland. But when accompanied by a twist that she wouldn’t mind killing another made it slightly better, until she reaches the camp. Then, she becomes rather typical of a heroine. I mean, I guess that ya heroines have to be badass but after so many books worth of action girls, I’m tired. Can’t anyone write a female main character who displays a strong and unbending will without needing a sword or a gun? Until she realised that he’s the prince and becomes angry for being lied to, I can think of that, but enough to lose all trust in the guy who helped you escape from that kind of life, not necessarily. 

But I did like that Amani if she was a woman she would have experienced many many restrictions and that her mother being hanged as well. It makes her becoming a boy a little more by circumstance as she wasn’t granted much freedom and heck they are killed for being raped by another. And even killed for sleeping with a Djinn. 

As for the magical elements, I guess its rather normal. A fantasy book has to have a main character with some magical abilities so I’m not iffy about that, after all there were many hints left for me to put.

Overall, this was a decent read. The main character may be quite bland but isn’t a horrible character or useless. As for the setting it was rather refreshing with other countries as well. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


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