Crown Of Midnight 

This was really a much better book, where for many moments I really cared for Celaena even though she still is not a very flawed character. 

But I still enjoyed it for the side characters. Where the secrets started to pile up and that Celaena needed to find the answers and this was a much better book. 

Even though Celaena didn’t really do the work of an assasin, her kill count is very low. Since she never really kills them, instead letting them go. But I did like as she slowly changed and admitting that she was a coward and afraid. Many instances she did feel as such, less arrogant, less sure of herself. 

As well as picking Chaol, which I did ship them. They have a much more witter banter than Dorian did with Celaena. But I liked their relationship here, where all of them had new things to do as well as distrust, schemes and eventually deaths that happened. 

I rather liked the plot here, bit by bit where everything changed. And Nehemia whether she really did that or not I don’t know, but in the end there were many many villains here. With the king being a very intriguing figure once I see his chapter about all the weapons he has and would want to test it out.  

As well as the worldbuilding here did take a jump, with the reason for the Fae and its reason that it died. As well as the wrydkeys and the various wrydmarks. There were many relavations here that I believed really needed to be resolved. Such as Celaena’s true idenity which wasn’t really a secret anyway, since I read the spoilers a long time ago. 

But I rather enjoyed how it was revealed, that Celaena knew herself. Which I believe was more interesting as there is much more to discover and much more intriguing. 

And that Celaena was almost at her breaking point, and really really fell down for once. For me, I liked characters that have their moments where they simply cannot do anything and only just see. It makes them more human, Celaena was not really as flawed in the first book. Here she is really really almost about to break upon the death of Nehemia.

In the end, I rather liled how it was resolved. With Celaena for once acting like an assasin and doing her job just with a little more personal grudge in it. And how Chaol decided to protect Celaena by sending her away on a very bold plan. And Dorian having to come to terms with his power. 

Overall, I enjoyed this far more. Unlike many series, this doesn’t suffer from the second book syndrome instead it managed to be better with even more characters and better plot. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


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