A Torch Against The Night 

Again, I enjoyed this thoroughly. Being a great sequel to An Ember In The Ashes. What made it so great for me to read it? The story and the characters. The worldbuilding not so much. 

The plot here moves very very fast, there is almost no word for it. In the beginning Kauf is their goal but on the way there are many reveals. Big or small they impacted the entire novel itself. I was really surprised how Elias was eventually to become, I should have known it. Since the Soul Catcher was that kind and talked to him often. But never was the kind of shock. 

Laia’s own ability made me insanely curious about what’s behind it and I’m fine with ot without it’s origins and explanations, that’s something for another book I guess. But for giving in to Keenan, I don’t get it at all. Is it just me or is there a trend on having sex in almost all the epic ya books? It seems to be getting pretty popular. 

Helene’s struggle and dilemma comes, as she eventually has to make the choice. I love that part, as her family was out on the line. Rven though she did little, hut with each step she is destroying herseld and in the end, I’m really shocked by the change of events. 

Marcus and the commandant were actually interesting even though the Commandant’s motives haven’t been revealed as well as what makes her do all these things. Despite her cruelty, she’s still very one-dimensional in reality. Same for Marcus, he was very cunning knowing a lot of things just choosing to use it to his advantage a necessary trait for an Emperor is what I would agree with. But other than that, haven’t really looked or even like an intriguing antagonist. But I’m really interested to see how he develops.

I really liked how it wasn’t really just a break-in and break out of Kauf. The viewpoint of Helene added quite some depth, even though at times all the characters weren’t dynamic. And the writing only having three point of views can be a weak point rather than a strong because I could read all and the voice sounded the same. It is very hard to differentiate them. But glad that it has truly have a ship together and didn’t have a love triangle or square. 
I am still very very interested in the Nightbringer and the truth all those years ago. And the various abilities they develop all the while the new creatures thag are introduced but do not have much of a role to play get. 

Overall, this is an outstanding sequel to An Ember In The Ashes and I would reconmend this to ya readers. There isn’t really anything that is disturbing here or brutal. But still a worthy read. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5  


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