This was one massive book, but still didn’t take me a long time to read it. If there’s one thing I really enjoy about this series is that it’s really enjoyable. Though this book lacked a little bit of the comedy factor which made me laugh out loud many times previously. 

But with the newest addition which is Winter, who is no doubt a rather interesting character. She chose to not use her abilities which is the main reason for her insanity, but I still liked her. But she never really felt emotionally unstable or even having really strange hallucinations often to me, just some mutterings. Really, Levana is psychotic for trying to kill her when she could have been far worse. 

As for the fairytale similarities here is rather alike, with enough to remind me that this is a retelling yet more than that. With the plot still having characters which mirror such as the way Levana chose to have Selene die, the same way she became disfigured. 

And ending wise, I enjoyed it really really enjoyed it. Personally, my favourite had been Thorne’s own way of trying to be a decent man to actually try to earn Cress which is the best way to go. He doesn’t seek redemption but rather earns it, and proves himself. That is really a good example of a guy. 

The rest didn’t really stick with me nearly as much. Perhaps it’s just that with Kai and Cinder, they seem kinda perfect already, there isn’t really much of anything left. But I did really like the part about her wanting to dissolve the monarchy, seems that she has the ability to guess that eventually this would happen again. 

As for the plot here, at the cost of witty moments there were far more serious ones where their lives were truly in danger. Where they could have died and everything. I really cared about them and the tension was incredibly high despite it all. But there were many moments where I were more or less distanced from the book since this is by far the longest book I have picked up. 

As for their relationship, they have one hell of one. It was really a good kind of friendship, having trust as well as differences yet none were ever cast aside. That is a good friendship and all of them really contributed and none were just there to make the numbers, and by far I really really liked this kind of sisterhood which I rarely see anymore. 

Overall, this was a satisfying conclusion to the entire series. And the length was far longer than I thought and took me three times the time to finish it, but nonetheless I still enjoyed it and found it well done. The only thing that I felt it lacked was scenes which made me laugh which I think was more or less important to try and really take me in, but still enjoyable nonetheless. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5



This was a pretty amazing sequel. There is really no words for it, as well as putting up the questions even further about unwind and relavations which may come into useful.

Here we have Cam, who’s basically a someone who was built from unwinds, all of it from talented parts. I rather liked that part, where it showed about the possibility and how it comes to life. And how he’s eventually affecting is something I’m more or less wanting to know and to find out. 

As for Connor, I really enjoyed reading him. How he becomes mature by choosing the better choices to save, even if it’s not right, but really, he’s just doing the best he can for them. And to prevent the greatest losses. And that how he had to change to become a pretty capable leader, I rather believed him and his principles. 

As for the entire society, although it has lessened, the rules having a six month period to decide before they could really unwound their child. I rather liked how it showed the two sides, the benefits and consequences. 

As for Risa, she may still be on wheelchair but I definitely like her, as for her eventual acceptance of a spine being part of deal to protect the Graveyard from being found out. But the best I think was at the end, when she chose to really talk about it since the Graveyard was raided anyway, and the actual truth concerning it.  

And Lev, he grew even more here. Where he ends up and tries to push off the status of being a idolized figure and instead choose to help in his own way and not to become perfect. 

Overall, this is a sequel that is affected by the previous books and even more on it. As for the worldbuilding here is really really expanded here. 


You know what, I loved Levana’s story. She isn’t a villain from the start but I could feel her presence from the beginning. About her as a person, and how everything changed from her. As well as what made her this insecure and a full villain in the end. And she was believable, from the beginning as rather manipulative which I do think almost all monarchs need a little bit of. Otherwise, well it all comes down to luck. 

Frankly, she’s quite sad once I see deeper. All she wanted was to be loved, but she moved on quickly from her own thinking about it. Showing much about her personality instead of a full melodrama, and in a sense forced the one she loved to marry her. 

As for Channary, I doubt she was even an angel. Here we have her making an antidote to her father’s illness, but I think it may have been for biological warfare itself. And she contributed a lot to Levana’s own insecurities about never revealing a face, given how Levana actually looked, can’t say I’m surprised she was insecure about it. And as a queen, she seemed to play around with men quite a lot, her daughter doesn’t even seem to know who is her father. But her character was quite interesting nonetheless, how she was important to Levana and wasn’t any kind of angel either. 

As for Evret, the husband of Levana, I don’t really know what to think of him. Other than he’s really really scared of what Levana might do, even though he may have not loved her at the time, but he was important nonetheless to how Levana was. And bit by bit, I really saw her change and become worse as a person. To really doing all her plans, and just trying to improve her country. For once, I enjoyed this where the villain isn’t just some black hole of immorality but rather human and having mistakes and even redeemable. I do reconmend this to those who really want a glimpse into her past and see what made her who she is. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 

The Swan Kingdom 

Not a really bad book. I did find it easy to read it to its end. Although there are some issues that I think is problematic but not much. 

Mostly it’s about Alexandria being not beautiful, she is just plain. Although I like characters that are as plain as they are beautiful, she made too much out of it. It feels as though the end of the world was for her when she was plain. Maybe is she has some impairment or something that did make her ugly. She’s not ugly but not pretty either. And really, she holds herself too low. 

But even then, I did like her as she changed slowly. And at the end, I did prefer her actions to be about saving her brothers rather than gawking at the love interest. 

The book is slightly lesser on the romance. But not a horrible retelling really, even though this hasn’t been something I read very often for fairytale retelling. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

As for the characters, they are not bad nothing really wrong with them. Maybe it’s a little lacking in more depth, for many of them. Even Gabriel is still rather flat in characterization as well as her brothers. Like there is no difference between them. And also, maybe scenes when they banter like a family I didn’t feel that they were close honestly.  

The writing here is what really makes it better given how the writing was, slow and deep with the descriptions here are vivid and rich. Although I do want a little more, a better characterization of the characters. But it’s mostly my own personal tastes, and that maybe a little more of the meaning beneath it. 

But other than that, I did rather like this, although it’s still a little lacking. But if you want a retelling that is still a standalone, I would suggest picking it up.  

Rating: 3 out of 5 

Crooked Kingdom 

This was just perfect. There is no other word for it, I was hooked on from the start. And one thing this book does extremely well is getting a reaction out of me. You know what the dialogue here was still witty and even funny at times. And the plot, it had me hooked for a good portion of the book. 

And within a day of starting this book, I have gotten a satisfied conclusion, an amazing book, and most importantly more backstory on each of them. More specifically, Jesper’s whose father becomes integral in this book. 

As for the characters, those who I believed developed the most had been Jesper and Wylan. And even then all of them gotten deeper and their characters even more real, not when they all have their issues they need to deal with. Nina is with drug withdrawal, Kaz with his own and that really this group of misfits are one of the best and the most unqiue I have ever read. 

As for the three ships, let’s just say I ship them all. They all felt real, even the gay couple that seemed healthy to me. To Kaz and Inej, where I just felt satisfied with their ending. And last but not least, Nina and Matthias, which I desperately believed that I need some closure to that and at the same time, nothing but utter sadness. 

How everything turned out to me was just inevitable, somehow I really know that that maybe all those characters might not survive. And the ending just perfect, nothing more or even less. Even though I wished for more of an epilogue, whatever happens wirh Nina and Matthias are hinted at but I just wanna know what happened to her in the end. As for Kaz and Inej, more or less interested in whether they would have kids. Can’t help but try that. And also about Jesper and Wylan. But I know the ending is perfect for this book yet I still want more. Maybe it’s time to look up fanfiction and hope that there is still something for me to read. 

And the best part is that even the villains here are actually interesting. Van Eck is an absolute jerk without a doubt, given what I have read of him. As for Pekka, the best was how he showed that moment of humanity and really cared for the life or death of his own son. I just prefer villains with some form of humanity and kindness in them, not the absolute abyss of darkness as their only defining trait. 

Overall, this was the perfect way to end a series. And this duology took me time before I decided to read and immediately became a fan, after all witty dialogue, realistic and believable characters, female characters that aren’t just there to make a statement and most importantly, a great and enticing plot. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


Dirtyhands would not. The boy who could get them through this, get their money, keep them alive would do her the courtesy of putting her out of her misery then cutting his losses and moving on. 

“I would come for you,” he said, and when he saw the wary look she shot him, he said it again. “I would come for you and if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together—knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do, we never stop fighting.” 

The Lies Of Locke Lamora 

This had been such a blast to read. I have never been more interested and addicted to the series. The Lies Of Locke Lamora is really interesting in areas such as plot, characters, and so many other aspects. But one thing’s straight, this book isn’t for those who cannot take cussing. Not where there is so much of it. 

But who cares about it. Locke is one hell of an anti-hero and for once a thief that I don’t despise or feel as though he was absolutely useless. He is every bit I thought of him, reading about him conning money was much more interesting as for the blood part. I don’t think I would rather read about him killing than what he does best: robbing people of their fortunes. And he is every bit of it, and seriously whatever you do do not mess with his friends. The poor soul who have done that… let’s just say that none of them ended well. And seriously he doesn’t hold back so when you make him angry, god bless you. 

As for the world, I have never been mote interested. It is one interesting world where all are just trying to rob each other. Another is true gender equality, women here are respected they do what they need to do. And there are some very very scary women in this book, really I kid you not. Imagine muscle woman and the most dangerous man in the city of Camorr is a woman. Either way, I didn’t find the lack of female friends within Locke quite annoying or even the brutal death of Nazca. Not when these women existed. As for Sabtherna, I’m interested more or less in her. 

As for the plot, I have never been more surpised at the events. How it goes about? It starts with the Gray King, who is absolutely insane and has many identities. Same with Locke, though at the end I think his first name was more or less embarrassing enough to make him change it to Locke. But here, I like it even more. And there are really no good people here, Locke has a conscience but seriously he tortured a person by cutting off all his fingers. 

As for the antagonist, he was extreme, there isn’t another word for his character. The things and lengths he’s willing to go is more or less disturbing but at the same time sensible in the eyes of him, driven by revenge he made really interesting decisions and even added a lot more to the story. And his plans, they were crazy and insane but made sense. 

Is there another word to express how good I felt? I don’t know. I haven’t felt more satisfied with a book in a long time, and this was just freaking awesome of a hook and a hell of a ride. What can I say to all potential readers? Pick these up if you are really sick and tired of reading fantasy where the anti-heroes are never what they are, the heroes bland and even the villains underwhelming or pointless. 

Rating: 5 out of 5

The Reader 

I would say that this isn’t a bad book but neither is it excellent. The world here isn really intriguing but once you try to dwell deeper and the characters are quite lacking. I simply didn’t care about them in the least, and that hampered much of my ability to read it. 

There were so many instances where I was quite bored and set it down for another, Sefia is a dull character and now did I realise that there is another set of POV that never really got any form of resolution or even meaning, like Lon’s viewpoint which made me guess constantly why it’s even there.  

As for the world, it’s quite typical with everything with the exception of reading. A nice twist was to realise that reading words could have effects on people which makes sense why reading eventually just fell out of favour. 

As for the plot, simple but still doesn’t reveal much. Apart from the secrets of the book there is still much to explore which was quite a redeeming factor in the book which kept me interested. The world here was fascinating and the stories about where quite intriguing and far more interesting than Sefia really. 

Sefia as a character is rather boring as a thief that never even felt like one, something about her just doesn’t feel as though she had survived the streets. As well as the part where she learns to read, it was more or less quite ridiculous she picked it up with such ease. I believe there should have been far more of struggle or you know once looking into her parents reading and learning a little bit. As for her parents and background, I simply don’t care. Because I have no idea who they were what did they do or if they even meant anything to Sefia, which I doubted since how she never bothered to even mention them at least on occasion. Or even thinking about her parents. 

The book’s mysteries center around the book but it also has much that it needs to cover as well and even explain. The world here is somewhat typical but with an interesting thing, and the main character I feel is lacking in plenty of things. But this didn’t make me want to scream at anything while reading or bang my head into a wall, which means it isn’t terrible but neither good either. 

Rating: 2 out of 5