Writing Experiences 

This is really my first post talking about writing here, as I have been writing seriously for the past year and if you are interested in my works most of it is here.  

I mostly write a lot of fantasy, and for the past year since I started writing seriously I learned a lot. Be it through books or writing itself, to critiquing and reading and analysing books on a deeper level. I learned many things here, and knew how it was. Even if I’m quite close to finishing my first novel(it’s sitting at 79000 words currently) but I started September last year and have not stopped since. 

And I revamped works many times and still is revamping many of them. All the while I learned a lot of things, starting with a work which was simple which was The Inheritance Curse, it no longer exists and ended up as Book Of Mystics. And my writing journey was filled with many critiques and even more than that. I learnt a lot from just writing one novel and juggling many novels at a time.

Learning to plot when I was a full on pantster since I am a lover of heavy plot with huge character casts which contributed to me writing plenty of fantasy surrounded by it. And that I tended to have to keep a plan since I was writing political intrigue, all schemes needed to be handled well enough. 

And I learned my absolute favourite thing to do when it came to writing: making characters. It’s always the best as I spend hours thinking about their backgrounds and what makes them tick. It is by far one of the most enjoyable thing for me. And proud to say, I have really enjoyed making them even if some of them simply are quite insane. And I spend countless hours thinking about quirks, personalities with backgrounds. I never think much about looks, maybe a little on how in influences but never much on appearances. Previously I was fixated on it, and never got anywhere sometimes because my characters were just flat and uninteresting.

The best tip was to balance them out, don’t crank up a trait to eleven just because they need to represent it. And make sure that they have some humor in them, have some life and dreams. 

But an interesting world also helps me a lot, after some time what I feel best is taking an idea or a specific setting and bring new twists to it, there isn’t really a need to base it off a culture. Maybe take ideas from a multitude of cultures and combine the best and most fitting pieces to make the high fantasy world. And I mostly look into history, I pay way more attention to historical details than even about the clothing or scenery just mostly some historical details. Along with dialogue, I can memorize very memorable and deep lines. 

Well it’s my second favourite to write dialogue even though it takes me nearly forever sometimes just to write pretty fascinating and interesting dialogue. It purely depends, sometimes I’m going for witty and snarky, sometimes just plain ridiculous and other times for it go deep and poetic. But I tend to spend hours thinking up quotes suited to the story and where I would decide its themes also mainly comes from dialogue.  

As for my writing process, like I said I went from pantster to planner. Because I have school not very convenient to be writing a lot and I have endless ideas where I just jot it down and plan it out. I have an entire box just with flashcards which I can use for story ideas and even more. And filling it with details for worldbuilding plot, backstory those are my favourite for some weird reason. And also coming up with names where I just sit on my desk and write and write. Because with a pantster I tended to waste time having no idea what to write, and with a plot planned out at hand it helps to know what should happen next or whether transitions should happen or not. 

Overall, this was my writing experiences in total and how I used to write and now. I guess process evolves with time and story, as some required me to have plenty of planning which was more often than not. Well, what about yours? This would be just the start of a long thread of posts about this, since I have written a lot and learned a lot than when I began no more than just a girl who thought writing easy. When it reality it’s one of the hardest things to do. 


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