Six Of Crows

Given how much I loved the Grisha I doubted myself when I picked this up, bit glad I did. Because this was one addictive book. 

Despite my lukewarm feelings to Shadow And Bone, this was just utterly fascinating. In fact, I rooted for all the characters here from the beginning even though they are far from your usual heroes. In fact, that’s why I like them even more. Because she managed to make me care for them and even know them deeply. 

Be it from Kaz, who is a criminal prodigy to even Wylan who was a rich merchants son, I loved all of them. It was such an intriguing cast when all made their stupid decisions, their mistakes. They all have pride and emotions, even goals. All the while they were together despite it all and in the beginning I was truly thinking they might just kill each other. Mostly Nina and Matthias killing each other. 

I have never liked this cast of characters all of them have such depth, and even possible romances. I’m thinking that Jesper might just be in love with Wylan, and the romance in the back was perfect. And all of them had their weaknesses, and their interesting points. I loved the mention of the letters to see how much it was an insult as Wylan couldn’t read, maybe he has dyslexia seems possible. And that they all have their issues and grudges, such as Matthias against Nina, to Kaz and his revenge.

And stupid mistakes all shared and made. No one was flawless here and I loved them for that. They are misfits and this crew was interesting. My favourite scene was reading how they would threaten another to get a thief. It was an accurate portrayal of their methods and also, their morals. And I just loved the witty banter here, which showed all their characters well. 

But the plot, being an impossible heist and the money. Somehow, I cared for them as all have their backstories which were very very important. Inej’s whose background comes in real handy, Jesper’s secret which was blown. Wylan’s own abilities. Matthias for his own freedom and knowledge of the Ice Court. And Nina. They all played a role here and their complex motivations weren’t just there, it all eventually caused them to make new bonds,to set aside their grudges and work together. 

And their backstories, I loved every one of them. As I slowly understood Kaz where he was forced to do all he needed, because he wanted revenge. And that all didn’t matter to him. In the end, it was ironic about how it ended. But I loved how he would pick this up, even getting help from his own personal enemy. 

Inej’s touched on my heartstrings the most, as she was quite pitiful. But eventually she made many decisions, to help Kaz and even more. She is skilled and took on the job, although she isn’t that bad of a person. 

As for Nina, her hands were tied and she did pretty terrible things but at the same time, I could understand her. In the end, it was a misunderstanding as she was forced to do what she needed, and stayed on when she could have just left and said goodbye to Ketterdam. 

Either way, every character has their own challenges. And that they eventually made me care for them, I have never been even more interested in a story about a heist when concerning this group. As they aren’t really criminals, not all are, but they are rather unique and original. Their skills cannot really be replicated or even seen. And each of them were essential and even needed every time. 

Overall, I would recommend this book with my heart as a great piece of work. I have never bothered and even cared this much for six main characters who all narrated at the same time yet my head was never messy. This was skillfully handled and for once, go for this by Leigh Bardugo it is a much better work than the Grisha Trilogy. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 


Eona: The Last Dragoneye 

I truly like this series, especially this. In Eon, it was hard to get past certain pages where it was just dry explanation. Not here, really, not here. Here I was hooked from the first page. 

This sequel had tied up even more and ended well, with everything going nicely like the dragons who existed for five hundred years and it was their end. Eona would be the last Dragoneye like the title states, and I just felt as though the reasons were well rounded. 

Here, secrets were all that existed. Allies were mostly temporary rather than permanent, and that I liked. And no matter what, all returned to who they really were. And villains remains as such. I liked that no matter what, certain traits couldn’t just change, and that Ido was still the same person except they have a similiar goal. And here about Kinra, she was someone that was willing to use any method possible to do it. Even if she killed another, but she always knew the truth. 

One thing great about the plot, was that it revealed all at the right time and secrets were always different. And with each secret revealed, things just changed and changed. I have never read something that changed with just one truth. 

Eona, she’s a good person no matter what. Despite her character being nice, she doesn’t have anything interesting. Kygo too, but Ido I did like him and find him complex. But she was always bound by circumstances and couldn’t do anything, she had many backlashes to her powers and needed to trust people even the most unlikely. 

As for the world, it was just rather interesting to know. Based off the zodiac and Qing dynasty, not a single person would wear in a queue in Imperial China except that particular dynasty. But I loved the world about the dragons, culture and even the gender bias here. And that the dragons were forced into this rather than freely allowed to go inside. 

Overall, I was hooked from the beginning and would recommend this series fully, it had never been boring from the first page and things always manage to suprise me. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 

Letting Yourself Make Mistakes 

This is really very very important. When you first write never harp on the writing that is either something you worry about when you reach the end . But just letting yourself make them is important. 

As all behind with a lackluster first effort, I started with a general fiction story that I have no idea where it headed to and Science Fiction that was very much ripped off. My characters were flat and uninteresting at the time but that’s where I started. 

Before the ideas that felt like every epic fantasy set it or urban fantasy, little was done to separate it. And my characters, very very flat. They were indeed the definition of one dimension and boring. 

But then making mistakes and finding that your writing was laughable or the ideas very shoddy. Because the more I wrote the more I learnt, and the same goes for reading. 

Most importantly, is to write and learn. I have abandoned stories before, before revamping them as they were just too flat and not interesting enough. I have written a book which was nothing more than a side story, but I never stopped it. As it was practice, I learned a lot as I wrote, I learned how to write better and about craft. Those words never came to naught, it just help me further understand writing as whole. 

This also applies to ideas that you have written yourself into a hole, figure out where it went wrong and rewrite from there. And no matter how many mistakes you make, there is still a chance. Many readers are willing to give an author who has screwed up her first series a chance, hoping that their writing had gotten better as long as you aren’t  jerk or an asshole as an author they were willing to spare that chance. 

Like I said, learn from all this mistakes. As they are also good for one thing: building up a very thick skin. 

What about you? How do you view such mistakes in writing? Have you made such blunders like I did before? How did it affect you? Please leave uour response below as I do really want to know what you think. 


I didn’t like this book as it was a disappointment. It really was, the first hundred pages had me hooked and slowly disinterested me when Alexa stopped acting strong. 

Alexa could have been so much more, I didn’t feel her tenacity, and when two boys were fighting over her she did nothing. Except look on and say sorry. I was expecting more from her, and that she really had little control of herself. For someone that lived in the barracks for three years, she clearly had no idea how to keep her emotions in. No wonder two people could see through her horrible disguise when she is doing such a great job at it. I’m still amazed at it. 
The plot was simple, and little on the politics and the world:Seriously, this is the world. Rape houses for no other reason than to breed soliders, that makes no sense economically or even politically. That is the same as screwing over your people and having almost no political strategy at all. I’m almost certain that rebellions are all over the place, and they cannot even support themselves. Who are going to raise them? Their fathers who can be any of the ten men they slept with at night. I’m sure their country don’t have the funds to raise them. 

As for the tyrant king, he is an utter idiot with no idea how to run a country efficiently. Rape houses seriously, how did you manage to even keep rebellions and uprising from happening. I’m sure most of your soldiers who have good abilities and morals would have abandoned you, and even those with the slightest bit of humanity would have been disgusted at it. These aren’t comfort women, they are basically women who can be their sisters, mothers, cousins and friends who are forced into this. They aren’t from another country where they can care less, they can jolly well be people that they knew well. 

That’s the huge difference with plausible and impossible. This is simply ludicrous. Most of those who have been forced into prostitution either under their husbands back who is far away at war or from a conquered country. 

I simply couldn’t believe this at all, neither could I even care for anything. And the reasons just made me laugh over and over at how ridiculous it was. 

I wouldn’t recommend this, this isn’t even a world that could work at all. I don’t even know how it ever worked at all. 

Rating: 2 out of 5 

The Midnight Star 

This had destroyed me. The ending was perfect, it really was. Even if I’m trying to lick my wounds right now. In one sitting I finished this, hooked from the beginning and couldn’t put it down a full hour later. I couldn’t forget this book, probably never. The story which opened me to anti-heroes which became my favourite. And the author knew how to destroy me, giving me such sweet moments before destroying me like that. Glad that I chose to buy this, I probably want to read this over and over. 

From the beginning Adelina is just one of the most interesting villain, and here she is a tyrant but every step of the way, I connected with her. I cared for her, and I knew her. And she may be excessively cruel but not even once did I find it hard to understand her. And her ending, I don’t know what to say. It’s very open, she might come back, she might just vanish forever. 

I really didn’t mind the focus on her ruling, that she chose to favour others, that she chose to rule as a tyrant. It shows that she wants to hurt back for those that had been killed, that she wanted them to know how it was to be a malfetto when another ruled. 

The plot here may have been slow, but I never minded it. It showed how much it affected her and what pushed her to her decision in the end. Every step of the way, she hurt back, she killed but when she decided to give herself up and become selfless, her ending felt possible, that she had atoned and thought about all she has done for the past year. 

As for many characters who die, many of them just die, and their deaths emotional. Even for Teren where more of his character was shown, and becomes a part. Everyone here has come full circle together. To Enzo, whose death was inevitable, and without a doubt upcoming. But there were many deaths, even if most of them survived some not deserving but others quite sad. 

As for Magiano and Adelina, their love here was even realistic. It didn’t hurt Enzo’s character in anyway, it was probably destined that they couldn’t be together. And that I cheered them, just in the end I pitied Magiano and Adelina. What happens to them will crush you. 

And the ending, it’s like a folk tale, it rounds up everything but leaves me a question. Whether (spoilers) would ever find her? And the character that died and brought back? A bargain with the gods. And the folktale, it leaves all for interpretation about the midnight star, whether the boy and the girl found each other in the end. It’s never set in stone. But the story is being told, and that’s enough here. And it ties up to some scenes about Adelina wondering what kind of story would be told about her, in the beginning of the Rose Society. 

Overall, I would recommend this series as a whole. Because I really really enjoy this, and that with each book it destroyed me yet gave me all the feels that I needed. I haven’t even seen in a long time. But be warned, you have to be willing to read a book filled with pretty dark thoughts like Adelina who is by far one of the best villain protagonist I have read. She is relatable even if her actions are simply impossible to be forgiven. And that it would probably kill you since there are so many twists here which tug on my heartstrings and made me cry for them, or even mourn them. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 

Reading Books As A Writer 

This is very very important. Yes, I’m using bold for this. It is never better than to do this, because you need to read to learn, to be able to get ideas as well as helping you perfect your craft. 

Reading is learning, and the basics of writing. Why do you want to write, it always boils down to this? To love to write you must love to read otherwise where do you get the idea that you love to write. Even writing school essays would be difficult and painful for you, let alone writing nearly 80,000 words for a book. 

Even if practice makes perfect, this helps a lot. As we can always run dry of anything to write, and reading helps to spur that creativity. Even if you end up just wanting to write fanfiction but it’s still good enough, as the more you write, the more you have ideas and the more you can continue. 

And that learning from writing can be important, you can waste around twenty dollars just on a horrible book which gives you a great guide on what to do and what not to do when writing. Because you get first hand experience reading how awkward, strange or unnatural it sounds. I can vouch for it, it has never failed me and improved my writing a lot. But there are still things that would only come with practice not by just reading. 

But reading opens up our own mind, to be able to widen it with different stories filled with different perspectives. And reading a wide variety helps you find topics or ideas to write about, such as the news, interesting facts or novels that are very different. I read from literary fiction to historical romance and you never see me really run out of anything to write. 
Even though I read by author and most of the time genre and premise. It is very important for me to know whether I’m wasting my time since I finish a book all the time, to give a more fair view to it and to analyse it as a whole. But read anything, trash, garbage, masterpieces or just average works. 
Because it’s helping you in knowing how to write well, even if you will still make mistakes but teaches you a lot more about story and structure, and even how to build suspense, struggle, relationships and making you look deeper as you try to figure out why you like them so. So, please read while you write. Read as often as you write. I read every day of books which I borrowed from the library and rarely bought, I make an exception when it is a sequel as I know I would enjoy it. 

What about you? Do you read often? Do you write as often as you read? Do you think that reading is important? Leave your comments below as I would love to hear from you. 

Ivory And Bone 

This book was little strange and even odd at times. Even though the plot was quite okay, neither being too ludicrous or ridiculous. But it just didn’t strike me as fantasy, what part of this was fantastical. 

It was the same as just putting this story back in prehistoric times and there wouldn’t have been any difference. And their lives were more or less, very very dull. If there was some magic or anything, it would have been much more interesting to read. But it really really doesn’t exist. As for the clans, I did like it although it wasn’t elaborated much on. 

Kol, he feels very creepy. He just shakes me off in the wrong way, and I’ll admit it, since I don’t really have much ability to see the difference between who was you and what. Narrating from such an angle was confusing, and sometimes confused me as well. He seems to care so deeply for Mya, to refer to her as you but never does much. 

Mya, I don’t really know what to say. I haven’t seen her full character which I’m sure is more balanced. That Kol at one point saw her as love and another didn’t like her. I guess it’s his perspective and knowing that he was wrong, but I still want to know more about her. 

Lo, as the villain of the story I have no idea why she was a villain and at the end just… died. She didn’t feel developed to me at all, even though I did feel that worry for Kol once he found out her plan. But her own reasons for having such an extensive plan to kill others, even dragging many inside such as Kol’s own clan just to hunt for Mya. Sounds not very bright, she could have decided to use another method to get them on their own. And she chooses to do that. 

Overall, I really wouldn’t recommend but at your discretion. The story doesn’t come off as fantasy to me, very little things happened to be fantasy apart from the world.