The Beauty Of Darkness 

Surprisingly this book was hard to read, I struggled at the beginning to continue on. But once the half settled in, I managed to continue reading fast. But the first part doesn’t have a lot going for it, and often skimmed some parts of it. As I just wanted to cut away and see when Lia would return to Morrighan. 

The first thing I have to say is goodbye to this series and book, it was hard toa acutally read it and the stories behind it are what sustains them. And that the histories that were mostly distorted and even butchered just like real history. All the while I enjoyed those small tales woven inside, and the possibilities of what happened. All the while showing that there may be a lot more to history than on the surface. 

As for all the characters most had grown a lot since I last read them, much more than before. The book is just one massive book, being a 684 page book.

And was the conclusion quite satisfying yes, I would say that the end is a happy one. But still leaves things needed to be done and finished when the ending came. I pretty much liked that ending, that even after all this, there was still things they needed to do. 

Lia here had grown the most, such as when she decided to head to Morrighan and how she revealed all the traitors and manage to salvage many lives. All the while she had became a strong character here, enough to change her parents viewpoints and make good decisions for her own kingdom. 

As for her mother, well at least she wasn’t secretly evil or selfish. But I did like that she wanted to protect her daughter at all costs, and no matter what. Even though she used all sprts of methods and even inhibited her own daughter’s abilities. 

As for the Chancellor and Komizar, the Chancellor is just evil, I don’t really get it why he’s so hungry for power. But the vicegerent on the other hand, was a slightly better villain with his history with Kaden. The Komizar just failed as one, his appearance wasn’t as menacing as I thought, although still having that cruelty and even ruthlessness. But he doesn’t seem to really care for Venda, which just makes him another person who is pretty evil. 

But other than that, the book itself I did enjoy it and reconmend the series. Book 2 was by far my favorite as The villain there shined the most. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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