Throne Of Grace 

This was a very refreshing read, and the theme of it was very much charitable and even rather interesting and refreshing. The setting was something I haven’t really read much about and I was rather I intrigued and drawn into the story. The romance here feels subtle and realistic to the timeline, with Josie being subtle she to the constraints. All the while feeling very Christian like all but never feeling as though it was preaching to me despite the fact I’m not Christian. 

Arthur as well, being someone that was kind and even nice. The best was the lack of fixation on looks. With much more focus on their shared goal—to help others who cannot care for themselves. And he was truly someone that felt romantic even if there was not much on romantic affection, but I could feel their chemistry in their goal together which I think it’s more imporant than looks. 

Josie was also a very relatable character and even for once she felt very self relaint and independent, just that she chose to help Arthur and is very much so selfless and religious. 

The plot is simplistic and focus on their goal. Without really losing sight of it and keeping it simple helped the romance to develop. Well, I did expect maybe more for the plot but I was satisfied with the ending for it was simple and sweet. Well maybe it’s because as a historical fiction reader, I tend to sway on the intrigue side of things but this is by no means a bad book. Would I recommend this:very much so. 

The writing here was adherent to the times, even though I’m not clear since this is my first novel from the period. But I did feel back in the time with the dialogue and writing being very much so. I really did enjoy this book and it’s suitable for those very interested in historical romance. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 


Knights Of Iris 

I didn’t read the whole book just the sample and it was way more than enough to turn me off in the wrong way. And yes, I’m judging this based on the sample because I have seen reviews which prompted me to just read the sample and judge. Actually just the prologue which was way too long. 

There are some very awkward errors, such as the use of ellipses when a full stop could have just served the purpose. And some very basic grammar mistakes concerning dialogue was there, I see that from free writing sites not this. 

And personally, it was more annoying dialogue wise, it just made me want to cringe and it was awkward as hell. And unbelievably childish, I was thinking them no older than twelve year old. 

And the writing  was amateurish and immature all the while feeling unprofessional overall. And some parts were skimmed over when they could have been deeper, and even reveal a little more about the character. Yes, it’s about the boy from Hong Kong and his past, it was skimmed over when he felt interesting to me even though it was entirely unrealistic just for him to . And show me the whole world. And Wai Keong, I agree with you that Raphael is annoying. He really is. 

And seriously, who doesn’t even write the master’s name and just call him that. I don’t know if it’s to keep up some mysterious manner, but I seriously don’t care. 

As for the format, two fonts in this book I don’t know what to say. It was awkward to read it. The dialogue sometimes has it, and it’s just to me: WTF?

And for the Sactus, they feel horribly immature and I wouldn’t even trust them, and I completely connect with Wait Keong, because he also thinks them too good to be true and I just cannot believe them. 

And as for Rhea, she feels like a big chosen one/Mary Sue wihtout even meeting her, knowing that she was a princess and a Knight Of Iris and almost everything. She’s royalty all around being kept by her own mother, and I have only one question for Rhea’s mother Angelique, is she too stupid to live? You think that your daughter could be hidden from the world, and not even know it. Yup, mother who thinks shielding her own daughter from the dangers of the Nefarii with only ignorance is a good thing. Even though she would have to face her destiny? Can this get any better? 

And her later interest being sparked by the fact her daughter is a Knight Of Iris, and her abilities wouldn’t stay hidden. It sounds like a chosen one with a neon sign on her. And her mother still chooses to use her life to save her. 

Characters wise, I cannot remember them. There is almost no fascinating traits that makes me want to read them. Wai Keong was short lived, the rest, their dialogue was more than enough to tell me that they weren’t interesting. It was boring to even read them, as I didn’t care enough about them and there were no traits which stood out enough. Apart from powers, personality wise, they are flat very flat. 

I seriously won’t reconmend this, the only thing interesting was the ability to highlight parts of the story and write sarcastic and condescending notes on it. It was the most fun, but the best when done on eBook. 

Rating: 1 out of 5 


I’ll admit that I was very ambivalent about picking this up. One was the Japanese steampunk which made me interested and the other was the reviews of this. 

And when I reached the end, this was an awkward book when judged on the Japanese context. It was right in terms of mythology, and what I know of it. But the most awkward was the dialogue which included Aiya, that’s very clearly Chinese in origin and awkward to even read. And sometimes it didn’t feel as though it came from a Japanese setting. 

Worldbuilding wise, it was interesting to read about it, that the development was eventually killing the world. And fascinating as well. The Lotus guild was interesting here, even though their obsession with killing those with abilities had been strange, it never made any sense to me why they did it.  

As for the characters, they weren’t interesting enough at times. I just didn’t feel connected enough to care about them. Yukiko may be an action girl and everything but I just couldn’t not wanted to even care about her pain. But at least her background was interesting with her mother being killed and seeing her own brother there. But at least she isn’t an utter tomboy, and that I did have moments where I got what she was feeling. 

As for Buruu, apart from his initial hostility towards Yukiko, there wasn’t anything else that told me they weren’t close. And that his words being written in caps made it all the more annoying and even strange. Maybe in something that doesn’t sound like screaming would I just continue reading this. But their relationship was close and I did like him, when he cooperated instead of being hopelessly stubborn. 

As for the main villain, he was largely a flat and uninteresting villain. I didn’t understand or even know what he wanted, did he want them to listen, or did he just want everything to go his way. And madness isn’t an answer, people go mad for many different reasons and I didn’t think there were any. His motivations feel shallow, and that people took such a long time to realise they are working for a madman, okay maybe they are loyal but this long is pretty much insane. It just seemed that he wanted to ride and Arashinotora and decided to ask another to capture. 

And both sides were pretty extreme. The Kage although being interesting, I feel as though they are extreme and just want to destroy the lotus guild and the leader. And the other seems to be obsessed with hunting those who are impure and just continuing their power. Apart from the deaths, it makes me wonder how does the country even grow its food. Given the amount of beggars I have seen, which appeared in so many scenes, but I didn’t see much of those who grew the food. But the one or two mentions about the rebellion and riots were there, but I feel it really wasn’t enough. 

Plot wise, it was rather interesting. Even though I wouldn’t entrust all of it on a name of a family and Yukiko. But there were many moments when it tries to tell me something about it. And Aisha is a character that I would say have no motives for helping Yukiko. I didn’t get any hints as to why she did it. And made no sense to me at all. 

Other than that I did rather like this book, it had some pretty good moments. But it was likely from the fact I was way too tired from trying to study that I read this with much of my brain already off. 

Rating: 3 out of 5

Reading the sequel: maybe, I just don’t know about this book. 

An Update 

Currently since I have exams coming up I won’t be as active, although I might just post a review once or twice a week but it will be slow as I’m mostly studying. I would be active once more around mid October so expect me to come back before then. Right now, it’s mostly on hiatus. 


I went into this book with rather mixed feelings and came out without much to say. This book was like any other fantasy, it was shallow and didn’t dwell deep enough to hit home to me. I loved books with plenty of depth and this just seemed to lack it. 

Katsa was fine, she wasn’t the worst female character and her notions of never marrying are rather interesting as well as a beliefs. But otherwise, she is just another girl who hates dresses and despise her femininity and it still doesn’t make much sense to me why. And that I wanted to snack her, she is looking down on girls. And there weren’t anyone else to show her that there is another power with being a girl and staying through to her gender being the most infuriating. 

The other characters, I simply don’t care enough about them to even mention them. There wasn’t any which I found genuinely interesting or even wanting to know more. And most of them just came and went. 

As for the antagonist Leck, how he dies is utterly forgettable and becomes anti climatic for me. As for him as a villain, there’s nothing distinguishable about him and he falls rather flat to me. His cruelty may have been of his grace, but I didn’t ate. Although he foes have some common sense and used his grace well to deceive his kingdomand comes to Monsean to find his daughter. But there was no confrontation as Katsa just kills him or even anything to give him that development of depth. And his motives for it are still unknown.

The world having graces and being graced with something was interesting and rather fascinating. But it all fell flat here, it works as a epic fantasy but high fantasy wise, I’m not going to recommend this book. It lacked in that department, with the lack of interesting characters to hook me I mostly just read and forgot about them. 

The seven kingdoms I feel could have been distinguished better, as well as more of an introduction with their country relations. As for the plot, it was by far one of the most simplistic I have seen and at the same time there wasn’t any complexity. And in high fantasy, the current situation between the seven kingdoms weren’t clear to me about their relationships. It seems that Ror was really ready to help Bitterblue without really asking for any form of benefits after helping her. 

The thing that lacked here was the fact about how graces affected them in terms of politics, did they have court sessions with them. What about those who weren’t graced? I didn’t feel that it was handled and done well enough. 

As for the ending, it’s a happily ever after one which I feel as though satisfied the need for an ending. As for the ending being inpactful or not, I don’t really care enough about the characters to feel whether the ending suits them.

As a whole, the book has an interesting premise and even element thrown in about the graces. But character wise, they bore me and the antagonist needed a little more appearances(he only appeared twice or thrice in the whole book) and being mentioned doesn’t count if I don’t see his cruelty, and no killing his own wife doesn’t count as cruelty. There’s far worse things than that. The plot is simple and enjoyable if you’re new to this genre or mostly want action, but if you want something more complex just keep looking. 

Rating: 2 out of 5

Reading the sequel: Maybe, I’m just on the fence whether to read this or not. 

Chen Yue Zhi Yao 沉月之鑰

Recently I decided to pick up a Chinese novel, since I needed all the help I could get in the language(having the impending O levels next year in June is a sure way to make yourself want to learn it.)

Well I read this because of the art style at first, yeah, I’m that shallow. Because I barely understand Chinese as a language and just get by, so it was the art style which drew me in. 

And after I bought the first, the rest I’m binge read like crazy and completed it in one weeks time. What can I say? This book is utterly hilarious and that’s that. Even though the plot at times was something I just couldn’t stop reading for. 

The main character, Fan Tong, his name is pretty much ironic and even sad. And what can I say, he’s more of a sidekick than a protagonist and gets himself into all sorts of trouble with his mouth and only his mouth. And he’s cursed to only be able to speak the opposite word to his intended meaning. And that was hilarious. 

As for the probably true protagonist should be Yue Tui, whose entire backstory has more to do with Fan Tong than anybody else. He’s very much tragic as a character and times when I felt really really sorry and empathetic to his situation. All the while still doing the right thing… even though it ended in one of the most unexpected ways. 

As for Luo Shi, he was just another character who was intended to be a pretty boy and when I look at the extras about him, it has to be one of the most funny ones I have ever read. And that he behaves like one, although is still very much serious, but seriously he’s pretty much a character that’s mostly funny to read. 

As for the plot, I didn’t see a lot of things coming yet I know it was going to come from hints early on in the book.  One of the funniest yet most unbelievable things, which are mostly spoilers and ended in one of the most mind boggling ways yet it makes sense. 

The characters here were actually what I enjoyed the most, as almost all of them were being made a joke out of their flaws being played on. And even some instances of jokes about them. Yet had a lot of depth, and a lot of interesting traits. And that even comic relief Ying Shi, was not really comic relief that much. 

The plot takes time to unfold, all the while it links back well enough. And that the world itself sometimes it’s funny but other times, you wonder what was the author trying to convey. 

But I would fully recommend this if you want something incredibly funny and even spirit lifting. All the while behind it is a lot of plot and even foreshadowing done in many books before it is confirmed. 

The ending was one of the best one I’ve read vastly interesting and unique, and even leaving an open ending. Even though I know there’s a sequel to this. 

Rating: I wouldn’t really give this one a rating. As my Chinese reading skill is still pretty bad. As reading from up to down isn’t a good thing. 

Would I read the seuqel: Of course, this is something I want to read for its sheer hilariousness and that it balances the plot well all the while being funny wihtout it ever going out of hand.

And that I might just end up writing too much fanfiction for this, but I have almost no ideas as of now and little time(working on three novels at a single time can be incredibly tiring.) 

The Dark Days Club 

 This is a book that I enjoyed very much. Not for the historical accuracy, I’m by far the person who knows the least about the Regency era. Only finding it out after looking into fantasy of manners as well as just randomly interested.

After reading Eon I wanted to try another book of hers, and this popped up. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed thid massive piece of work and it didn’t disappoint for me in taste.

But first, Helen is a good and strong protagonist. And she may be a special snowflake but I never feel as though she’s like that not even once, even for her own curiousity. And her doubt as well as being unsure was something I felt was real to her character, as she’s mostly expected to marry, and probably never worry. And when she stated the ability to feel powerful I thought that during that kind of era, a lot of women didn’t have much say. Whay wasn’t polite and what wasn’t and they were expected to behave like a girl.

And that she never felt too stupid, as she is naturally curious and in fact rather sensible. In that she doesn’t try to force a way to open for her, but to find one that no one could and would argue with. All the while she needed to be careful due to her current status. 

And the romance was little and I feel is what did it justice, as the romance here wasn’t important. And the love triangle is it even a love triangle, it’s like Helen trying to accept who she is and becoming a part of them or giving up her own abilities that was what Selburn and Carlston represented. 

And Lord Carlston, even though not much was revealed about him. But no doubt he is one misunderstood man. In fact, even though he still has the mystery whether he actually killed his wife or not. But he was always kind to Helen, and was in fact insightful and quite intelligent. He didn’t force Helen, knowing how difficult a choice it was for her to make. And that only someone truly devoted to the cause can do it, and that was what I agreed with. Completely. 

As for Selburn who decided to help Helen, and is still a mystery here, as his reasons for helping Helen just doesn’t sit right with me. It just doesn’t. He was kind and a gentleman all the while rolerant and forgiving and even willing to marry Helen. All the while helping her when she was in deep trouble. 

As for her Uncle, I vastly hated him. He feels as though women should be controlled and told what to do. He would have wanted a Helen who behaved and stayed within the norms. But if Helen was like that I would hate her, as she would make a boring protagonist to read through. 

As for the ending it was satisfying, although not much happened but there is still a lot left to be explained. And the ending was what I consider the best, and in facr most suiting Helen. All the while she has finally accepted who she is. 

But other than that, I have almost no complain for this book. Helen is a likeable protagonist who has agency and wants answers. With the world here being fascinating and even intriguing. All the while the whole thing about reclaimers those were pretty interesting aspects, as it was something new for me to read. I would definitely recommend this, but only if you want something deep and even well thought out, with little romance and even very little on having wit, with a paranormal spin during a historical era and a rather slow paced book. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 

Would you read the seuqel: Yes, I would read this like really. There is almost no reason not to read this.