Illusions Of Fate 

This has been another fast read, and better than the previous book I read from the same author. 

I enjoyed the book, it was quick and even straight to the point. As well as many things happened quickly and ended quickly, being around 270 plus pages in length. 

But a lot have happened, and it was quick and easy to read this story. I enjoyed Jessamin and her current situation sje was a character that was witty and had a lot of agency here. I didn’t feel as though she was constantly boring, but her character went through a lot of things and came out rather fine. 

I did like Finn, he was a good male lead here. He wasn’t some possessive idiot and acted more like he was worried for her. Jessamin may had rejected it but honestly it’s fine and even well rudned to her character. And showed that Jessamin really didn’t like to end up as her mother. 

In fact, in this story there wasn’t a lot happening that blown my mind, but it was intelligent and quick as a read. And provided me with some enjoyment, with nothing being problematic. 

The part about magic here, even though only Nobles could have them. It didn’t feel as though it leaned towards that one side, as Jessamin didn’t have which was a good choice as I would be annoyed. It made her all the more realistic and relatable her. And that it was a good thing to have a main character that didn’t have the special ability here, because I liked her and she wasn’t a chosen one, she was a girl that was dragged into such a mess. And she doesn’t have much say. Even if she wants out, she cannot get one. 

I rather enjoyed the world and even Lord Downpike and other characters. They were all interesting and some shocking relavations were here. Though, I would have liked a little more about Jessamin’s family and her mother. But from what I read, all she wants is for a daughter to find a good match. 

And that I also enjoyed Eleanor and her relationship with Jessamin, this was one of the relationships which I find rather well done, as it shows that not all women are just enemies. And even Ma’ati who is a good strong character, she wad fired from her job, but it doesn’t mean it affects her a lot. She managed to find employment once more which was what I enjoyed about this book. And moved on with her life. 

Which she does in an ironic way, like really. In the end, it was easy to read till the end, and that Jessamin was an enjoyable heroine without being  annoying or passive.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 


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