Well it was rather okay as a book, even though Evie isn’t nearly as interesting a character. She is witty and fun but almost no other trait really stood out from her. 

The book was read easily as well as quick, with the IPCA being rather interesting. But nothing else really, because I could feel the deja vu from reading it. A lot of similarities as well as it resembles almost every other paranormal work I have read. 

Evie is acutally quite okay, she may not stand out explicitly or is intriguing with a trait kept to her. But she’s seems strong and quite skilled at her job, all the while her wanting to quit was tacked on at the last minute. I didn’t buy into, I just didn’t feel it. I just didn’t get it why she wanted to quit her job, and the introduction of that wasn’t hinted on very well. 

Evie liking high school things, it grounded me better in the book, but the explanation as to why she wanted it, I didn’t buy it into. That she wanted to be normal, I didn’t feel it was there. She seems to like her friends and family, and didn’t feel like she wanted to quit her job. Neither her reasons were good enough for me to buy into it. 

Lend was okay, he doesn’t seem to be perfect. Or possessive, he cares about Evie in a non-creepy or misogynistic way. So, I would say he’s a good character with a healthy relationship to her. All the while his background was interesting and felt realistic for a high school student. 

But the entire story background wise, it isn’t really interesting. Apart from some pretty unqiue abilities as well as some twisting of the myths rather than the usual bloodsuckers who keep their youth, their corpse is below. 

As for the IPCA, I’m surpised that Evie didn’t know the truth behind them, isn’t she their member. Weren’t they supposed to teach her and help her know her job. It feels stupid to not tell her the various things they do to paranormals, or Evie simply believed a stranger. And they do have stupid decisions which I agree with Evie fully on fairies, they are really too stupid to survive. They are immortals, all able and you take advantage of them thinking that names is all you need. Well, it’s only a matter of time before they rebel. They were stupid as an organization. And really no reason for why they were so. 

Reth wasn’t nearly as bad, he wasn’t down jealous boyfriend. He didn’t come off as one. But he was very much interested in Evie for reasons other than she looks hot. And I doubt he actually even liked her, but since at that stage of life Evie was incredibly naive so I’ll cut her some slack. All the while their history was interesting as well as even unique to a certain degree. 

But other than that, this was a fun and easy read. Generic and clear cut, and didn’t blow me away. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 

Would read the sequel: maybe, as I’m pretty busy and even tired. So I’ll just dabble on the seuqel but not anytime soon.  


Shadow And Bone 

It was decent,  I set by expectations low and got pleasantly surprised, as it was a quick enough read, although quite mindless. I didn’t need to use my brains for a lot of the things here, straightforward and clear cut. And I also ignored a lot of things here, personally military school in which student ends up getting jealous of each other, is rather strange. There would be way more discipline than that, in my opinion. I was expected a harsher time for the Grisha and they would need to uphold better expectations than what I read. 

The book itself was actually pretty enjoyable by the last half of the book, where everything went by quickly, and the main villain was someone that wasn’t just plain evil, he just wanted to improve the lives of the people there. But just went the wrong way. And the plot was thickened, much better and even came together. Even though I guessed it from.the beginning, but some surprises I still didn’t see them coming. 

But Alina has improved as a character when the second half kicked in, making some pretty good and even interesting decisions. Her strength was shown here, even with her own flaws. And her relationship with Mal, it was believable to me as I cared for them, even if she’s a chosen one, but she does make a good one. With her it works somehow, it just works. 

One thing I have to complain, is that I would have rather wanted more training sessions, and how Alina learns to control her powers, and all sorts of combat. Gladly take that over them having parties and Alina doing dress up. 

But otherwise, I enjoyed this. As Alina is a good protagonist by the time half of the book was gone, and Mal, personally, he’s not a bad person, and I’ll take him over some emo brooding bad boy. I’m really sick of those, and love-hate relationships. Theirs was more refreshing as the love hate wasn’t present, and they were close, drifitng apart yet still managed to get back when it was needed. 

As for the antagonist, not stupid and is quite interesting. Such as when he chose to make very questionable decisions, all the while sending Alina gifts, but in the end it was to use her. That was better than most stories, and he wasn’t pure evil for no good reason at all. And he has his own goals, just took the wrong route for them. But his ruthlessness and willingness to use all means necessary, to help Ravka it wad enjoyable. Makes even more sense considering how long he’s been alive and why he would be attached. 

As for the other characters, I enjoyed Genya. For her strength and her abilities, and steadiness, she was a great steady character there. And has a healthy relationship with Alina for once. And she worked as a good friend, the servant to the Queen for her own abilities all the while she was still interesting and compelling. 

Even if the book it rather generic at the beginning, it personally is a decent book. And that I would be reading future and subsequent sequels to this. As the ending had loose ends left and the last few pages, did make me want to continue reading on just to see what happened with them. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Would read the sequels: Yes, I have some attachment to Alina by this point and the Darkling is a promising villain. 

Prince Of Shadows 

Romeo and Juliet told from another perspective. Count me in, I’m personally all for the characters which were not seen much. 

And the best part, this were actual characters from the original play itself. And does it deliver? Absolutely, I was enjoying and savouring every bit of this  novel and it was perfect. 

It reminded me of Romeo and Juliet, but much better with the perspectives switched. Knowing the actual context of Romeo and Juliet were more of a satire, I just avoided books which retold it from the perspectives of a tragic romance and Romeo and Juliet. 

This on the other hand, was much more realistic in my opinion. And revealed Romeo as a whole new character from another side of the story, same for Juliet.

And in this form, I enjoyed the novel for it explored what wasn’t shown to the audience. What wasn’t inside, and in my personal opinion would work extremely well as a accompaniment. 

Benvolio was just outstanding as a character here, he us a thief, yet he has reasons. He has his own honours, but above all I enjoyed him for his practical reality and grounded attitude. That he has resigned himself to marrying not for love for influence. Only to be willing to throw it all away when he falls in love, and struggling throughout most of the novel to come to terms with it. 

And Rosaline, by far one of the best female leads I have seen. She is studious, and very much hated for it. She is bound for the church because of it, yet she continues to read. She was the extra cousin, not needed and no need to think for her. But I still loved her. She was sensible and well rounded as a character. I just wanted to see her more, as she spends it mostly in the Capulet House. But I enjoyed her scenes, and that she was just a bookworm, who was bound for a convent for it and that she was a girl who didn’t do much, but what she did mattered. Rosaline is a realistic and good character, even more so than the usual kickass protangist. And her weakness, she didn’t appear enough. That’s all I’m complaining. 

As for Romeo, I feel his characterization took a realistic point. Where he is young even more naive than the play shows, but even then he was endearing and lovable. 

And for Mercutio, he was another character who was quite diverse and into men. But he was still a good character which inevitably in a sense, becomes a driving force behind all the tragedies, it was to me like: for real, this was so surprising. It really was, that his character was kind in the beginning until the death of his lover. But never have I felt so close with a character that was attracted to the opposite sex, and he was well characterized and confined well within the times.

And the grandmother, who is truly a terror. She deserved that title with her words her ways and even her methods of battle. Truly ruthless. And I totally agreed with Benvolio at the beginning that she was terrifying and awesome. 

His sister is also a favourite, docile and cold all the while malicious and scheming. She was enjoyed and even hard to relate at some tiems. But her end, I felt it shed so much light on her character all the while I enjoyed her schemes and abilities. She was definitely interesting. 

The world here was vividly painted, and the setting and writing similar to the play itself. The writing emulated it and became one of the hardest and most enjoyable works for me, as I didn’t understand the meaning behind it sometimes but I enjoyed the language and that it stayed true. 

And the relationships, so well woven and intertwined. The characters have deep layers which are peeled off, and all sorts of losses occurred. And the best part was reading about the romances here, it was slow but constant anticipation all the while with the touch of subtlety that made me enjoy it. And the political schemes and fighting, it was down well and portrayed well. The fighting did not just include men but women, gossip, swords and all sorts of methods. It was my favourite and done well here that I would squeal if I wanted to. 

Now, at the end of the novel I have done nothing but just gushing over the perfect book that was. Everything was dark and perfect for such a reader as me who enjoys romances twisted and dark, with complex relationships through and through. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 

Frozen Tides 

Well here I am at the fourth book in the Falling Kingdoms series. This time round, well it wasn’t nearly as bad, it was full of twists that I could see coming most of the time and guessed right. 

But it’s on point to that degree. And my personal favourite still remains as Amara, and that she is pretty much cruel and ruthless. I guess the best part was that she needed to be, as she was nothing more than an object to men in her own country. And I enjoyed her due to the fact that she didn’t just wanted the throne, she proved herself rather worthy of it. I’m sure almost no prince ascended the throne without dirtying their hands, unless they had an amazing advisor, or a very loyal subordinate who could do that for them and still be kept in the dark. 

In fact, she was more entertaining than both Lucia and even Cleo. She’s strong, without having to fight and using her own wits to get the throne. That’s why I like her. 

Cleo wasn’t so bad as well, she was intelligent and for once returned the favour. All the while she thought about her own Kingdom and other things. She was quite intelligent and that I didn’t find her frustrating at all, she did what she could and secured her own chances of survival and truly reclaiming back her kingdom. 

Lucia wasn’t my favourite, here she becomes revenge driven. But I just didn’t feel her anger, over Alexius who killed himself. And that I was completely and utterly emotionless when reading her. And that Kyan is just someone who tries to change the world to perfection doesn’t really convince me. 

Jonas was okay I guess. Losing whoever he loved, than choosing to bust the guy who helped him out of jail. He was a fine guy here, and that I did enjoy him. 

Magnus here does get some development and for once, he just admits his feelings. And stops acting like a jerk, after nearly two books of marrying Cleo, he isn’t always arguing with her. That to me was for once a breather, as I was just getting very tired of it. 

The main issue I have with the story probably lies with the fact is that I don’t know what’s the focus or goal. Seems rather split up once the four main characters are there. It’s like going round and round before introcucing new characters but I just don’t feel the least bit interested. 

As for the last part, when something unexpected does cone. It seems a little more convenient than anything, and to create a whole new enemy for Magnus. Also please, there are better things to use here than constant revenge, I’m just so sick of it. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 

Reading the sequel: Likely, hoping for more political intrigue. Like seriously, I wanted more intelligent schemes. Rhis feels watered down, and constant betrayals and confessions or marriages. But almost no ploys, smart schemes or anything. 

Throne Of Glass 

This book was on my to-read list for a long time, the only reason why I haven’t read it was due to bring unable to even find it. 

But I enjoyed the book itself, fun and rather entertaining. But for its characters I wouldn’t mind more flaws, characteristics or other things. But there were many parts which made me just feel for Celaena and other characters. 

The main issue with Celaena wasn’t that she wasn’t a good assasin, but she jst felt too good at everything. But I qouoe have also preferred if she was known by another name, world’s most notorious assasin that doesn’t have a nickname, makes no sense, or any legends about her. And that she truly was a sappy mess from time to time, I would have wanted her to be a little more interesting or just emotionless when she takes a life. And that she has flaws, but I just feel as though she should have been way more cautious, much more than just being unable to smell the poison. 

And as for the book, more fight scenes please. I barely read any at all, in fact I didn’t really think them assassins, it would have make much more sense to just have then kill each other and the last person standing the victor. And that Celaena being the best assasin at age 17, I don’t know how to believe it. But at least she was skilled in fighting, but personally I was expecting the competitors to kill one another in their sleep. And that almost all of them should have been way more alert than that, or even more suspicious. And that she has been to a death camp and back doesn’t help and makes me wonder: how the hell did she even survive? 

But the competition did have its merits, it ensured that Celaena didn’t wind up dead or being killed in the first couple of days or that her identity would have been blown. And she had time to build up her strength. But the entire competition to me was rather tame, I was surprised and tensed at a few moments but the rest of it was free and easy. 

But I should have thought that all of them shouldn’t underestimate their opponents, and most of them who needed to kill those in secret, they were too loud and lacked subtlety. And some were thieves, I’m just rolling my eyes at that part. Unless they also kill those they rob, I’m just not convinced. Or soldiers with questionable behaviour, I would just lock them up, like seriously. 

I believe that the assassins that were brought in had to be checked for sanity of mind, first so they don’t wind killing too many people and cause a political scandal or end up doing a genocide. Which means logic and reason over their emotions.

And that the assassins here had to be real and good ones. Most were just ex-guards, thieves or some other things. I would have liked Celaena’s own mentor be here, or some of the people she knew. And in fact, best assasin here, but I don’t remember who she killed which was important. In fact, freeing people is what a rebel would do not an assasin, unless she also kills those in charge of them.

The king himself I just have the feeling that he would the antagonist later on, and that there are hints. Such as the moment when he used Cain, to other people. It made me feel as though he’s a king, and someone who has gained a throne and ruled a kingdom. 

Chaol and Dorian they were fine, not the best but they did respect Celaena for who she was and let her be herself. And even loved her for who she is. 

Throne of glass was enjoyable even though I didn’t believe a lot of things many times, or had a logic gap. 

Rating: 3 out of 5

Reading the sequel: yes, it was an interesting and addictive read, and that I do look forward to what happens next  

Game Recommendations 

Here I am being a rather picky gamer, where I would just delete a game when I felt bored and that I would just download another one. When I’m bored with a game or there is almost nothing new happening. 

This time round I’m recommending two games. Now, I should start on what they are. In fact, I was mainly playing otome games or other games, as the other games I just don’t have time. Just didn’t have time for the mainstream fighting ones, I just didn’t want to commit, maybe after next year then I would. As I still have a lot to commit besides this blog. 

The first is Mycafe 

An excellent game, like most games but it’s very fair. It gives you plenty of chances to just earn diamonds, as well as completing orders to get spices and money it’s easier than having to buy them. It just depends. And that money is earned quite easy as did Diamond as well. 

The other is Mystic Messenger 

Within one day of playing this I ended up just playing and playing it for an hour straight and managed to get off after finishing the tutorial. It’s gameplay is much more interesting and is less of just being chosen and is quite enjoyable with the rather interesting mystery and that I didn’t feel frustrated with the game. Even if it’s an otome game, I didn’t feel ir was lile one, instead it was truly interesting to see it being done on rext messages here. 

Both of this games are 

Illusions Of Fate 

This has been another fast read, and better than the previous book I read from the same author. 

I enjoyed the book, it was quick and even straight to the point. As well as many things happened quickly and ended quickly, being around 270 plus pages in length. 

But a lot have happened, and it was quick and easy to read this story. I enjoyed Jessamin and her current situation sje was a character that was witty and had a lot of agency here. I didn’t feel as though she was constantly boring, but her character went through a lot of things and came out rather fine. 

I did like Finn, he was a good male lead here. He wasn’t some possessive idiot and acted more like he was worried for her. Jessamin may had rejected it but honestly it’s fine and even well rudned to her character. And showed that Jessamin really didn’t like to end up as her mother. 

In fact, in this story there wasn’t a lot happening that blown my mind, but it was intelligent and quick as a read. And provided me with some enjoyment, with nothing being problematic. 

The part about magic here, even though only Nobles could have them. It didn’t feel as though it leaned towards that one side, as Jessamin didn’t have which was a good choice as I would be annoyed. It made her all the more realistic and relatable her. And that it was a good thing to have a main character that didn’t have the special ability here, because I liked her and she wasn’t a chosen one, she was a girl that was dragged into such a mess. And she doesn’t have much say. Even if she wants out, she cannot get one. 

I rather enjoyed the world and even Lord Downpike and other characters. They were all interesting and some shocking relavations were here. Though, I would have liked a little more about Jessamin’s family and her mother. But from what I read, all she wants is for a daughter to find a good match. 

And that I also enjoyed Eleanor and her relationship with Jessamin, this was one of the relationships which I find rather well done, as it shows that not all women are just enemies. And even Ma’ati who is a good strong character, she wad fired from her job, but it doesn’t mean it affects her a lot. She managed to find employment once more which was what I enjoyed about this book. And moved on with her life. 

Which she does in an ironic way, like really. In the end, it was easy to read till the end, and that Jessamin was an enjoyable heroine without being  annoying or passive.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5