Rebel Spring 

Being the second book in the series, again it’s one of the most underwhelming stories. I ended up skimming most of it and becoming a watcher.

With so many POVs, and most characters I ended up reading weren’t likable and death was being thrown in here and there. I do enjoy the sudden deaths, as it was the end to their character when they were just annoying. But one of them actually had some great development in this series, especially the Queen herself Heck I enjoyed her and thought her a good character with her reserved and non seeing attitude. 

But the other characters, meh. They could be forgotten in the blink of an eye. And some of the decisions they make are just so hilarious and not intelligent that I want to slap mg forehead. 

Even for a teenager like me I couldn’t feel anything good about the story at all or even it having any form of depth of plot or the characters having any poignancy at all. 

I just couldn’t feel anything at all, like really. The main issue was that none of them were compelling ot even intrigued me. All were so flat and uninteresting that I ended up reading and setting it down all the time.

That was my main issue, all of it didn’t even intrigued me in the least. The characters were so dull that I could just flip open another book and see them. The political intrigue was about as flat as the first book. 

Cleo hasn’t grow one bit, remaining was one of mosr undeveloped main characters and still is. She still is a princess but she doesn’t know how to make plans and actually help in the execution. I feel as though she should have had been a real rebel on her own. 

Then, we have Jonas who kidnaps her for almost nothing. She would be more than willing to help you, negotiate something with her. 

It’s like all they thought of was using their fists, not their minds. Or even their wits, it’s high fantasy not political fantasy. I would have liked more about the maneuvering and some wittiness of the plot thrown in. But it’s mostly revenge, revenge and kill. And power. Nothing intriguing. 

I just found this so underwhelming that I would rant about it, I probably would never end up reading the next after two failed and bad tries that ended horribly for me. 

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 

Reading the sequel: Most definitely not, as the books are so shallow that there is almost no groundbreaking depth or even feeling about the story t all. 



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The Orphan Queen 

After finishing the awesome And I Darken, I set myself onto this book. And it was one word: underwhelming. I’m sure it has nothing to do with And I Darken, not even the world itself. But it was the characters. 

How do I put it? I felt nothing for all of them, none of them even compelled me to care for them. Or even had any unqiue traits, neither Wilhelmina or even Tobiah, I’ll be honest. And he being the so-called black knife, I called it from the start. 

The main issue was that it was one of the most underwhelming but actually an interesting world. Just that I disliked having to read the viewpoint characters. None of them were interesting in the slightest. They were all so righteous, powerful, loyal just that they didn’t see. Now interesting flaws or interesting personalities. They were as outstanding as the sea of YA heroines and heroes. And thus, I felt nothing for them. 

Nothing was complex or even interesting, in fact I would have preferred if Patrick was the main character instead. He was a lot more interesting than I thought, and that his ruthlessness was one of the most enjoyed things. I strongly believe that there is no way you can take a throne without killing anyone, or even trying to or without some sort of alliance or agreement. Without bloodshed, I can only call unrealistic and delusional. 

And that this story could have amazing political machinations would have been amazing, where each character had their own motives and suspicions. And I got nothing, really nothing out of it. 

I was expecting smart political plays, maneuvers and even political battles. And having to build her power, Wilhelmina was as good as a child in this section. She had no idea how to build power or make sure that she had a way to get back her own kingdom. Which makes her only naive and even delusional and I find her annoying the more times she repeated that she hated him, if she hated him she wouldn’t be afraid to get her hands dirty or try and kill. Or use people, or for once just try and build her power in politics. And try to learn some negotiation skill. 

Because a queen having to take back her own kingdom from the hands of another, it could have been intelligent as well as the wraith issue could have been well played. But then it never happened, the entire story featured her just going to social functions and keep on pretending to be one and hide instead of make deals, build allies and influence and yet they still think she’s vital. I’m like this: Yeah, rriiiggght. 

The world created was nonetheless interesting and I even liked it, the wraiths overcoming and it being blamed on magic itself and it being not. It is the main event that drove the story, but the characters were just so bland that I forgot about some of their existence, didn’t like them or personally found them boring. They didn’t excite me, or even make me completely in awe of their character, they simply didn’t have an interesting enough personality. 

But I personally feel nothing about the characters or even the setting itself. I simply don’t care for any of it, as characters are the main thing I read stories for and they were bland and uninteresting which means it’s hard to pay attention to anything else.

Although the ending was indeed unexpected but possible since there is soke foreshadowing to it. 

Rating: 2 out of 5

Will read the sequel: probably not, unless I’m absolutely bored to the brink of death. 

And I Darken 

This book had destroyed me and brought me a great amount of joy. Despite it not having much of fantasy, it was one of the best books I have ever written. And at the same time, it was one of the most complex books, with a lot of political intrigue and fascinating characters with their history counterparts. 

The three main characters here were the best thing about the story, each with their own traits and even quite special to a certain extent. And the quotes here would be my best and most favourite one. 

The plot itself aligns with history well, and even more so than usual. I absolutely enjoyed the story, even at the end it destroyed me. But there were plenty of radical changes that just made it work. 

Instead of focusing on just one character, we had three main characters. Which is a good thing, for this is historical fiction. Political intrigue here was well done, the political maneuvering at many points being so on point. It wasn’t just a normal historical story, but one filled with a lot of themes behind it. 

In fact, I’m all the more interested in the sequel and what would happen. The ending just destroyed me, but at the same time infused me with hope. Yet, what I wanted will never be fulfilled. 

The characters here were the best thing, with Lada leading. She isn’t just a normal tomboy, she rejects her identity after seeing what it did to most. She never accepted it, but always looked for ways to bring herself back to her home country. One thing I liked about her was that she never changed, even after going through many things, her motives never change. To me, she was a great female protagonist of the story. Even if at certain points she was just so insufferable,but it’s her personality. In fact, her cruel psychotic nature just made her even more enjoyable. Her rejection of her sexuality being here, as it showed her viewpoint was based on a lot of things. One being her inability to succeed a throne was her drive for her rejection, that I enjoyed. And she still managed a way to get to it. 

Then we have Mehmed, if it was normal historical fiction, he would be the Emperor who would eventually get the girl and make Lada the Empress Consort. But here he wanted but never got, I enjoyed him as a character. And his subsequent title and how it would develop in the later books. I enjoyed him to that degree, he was interesting and even realistic. His way of political maneuvering was just enjoyable and strong and even mind boggling at times. 

Then we have Radu. Whose history dictated his title, and that he was just so manipulative and used methods fat from Lada’s. And another, their relationship is just so complex as a whole. His eventual backstabbing was so important and his way of surviving as well. I enjoyed him I even liked him. And that he was beautiful. He may have been but he turned it to his advantage. At the end, he was even more complex. 

I would most definitely be continuing with their Saga, I’m even more interested to see how Lada would live up to her historical title, Lada the impaler in this sense. And eventually Mehmed conquering many places as he shows it but still not deserving of ‘the conqueror’ title. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 

Would read the sequel: Of course, despite not being my favourite genre but it just clicked with me. Strong complex female character, check, Male Lead being quite flawed, check, and a complex male character that isn’t the best friend. 


You see this as a prison. But you are wrong. This is my throne. This is my Kingdom. The cost is my freedom and body

So the question becomes, Daughter of the Dragon what would you sacrifice? What would you let be taken away so that you can have power?

The price of living is always death. 

Summoner: The Novice

The book itself was compelling and the writing enough to get me interested in the world, but sadly I just couldn’t connect with the characters. 

They were just so amazingly simple and easy to guess, I felt as though more could have been done. The racial discrimination and the laws itself were pretty ridiculous and just makes some of the races rebelling not that outrageous for me. 

I think the word I searched for this book is that it’s juvenile. The characters were simplistic, relatable but simplistic without even the slightest bit of hesitation when doing the right thing. 

I feel as though the world was intriguing just with a character that I couldn’t feel the least bit of emotion for. I just couldn’t connect with Fletcher or any of the characters. He may have drive, agency to carry he story but he lacks an interesting personality. I just didn’t find him interesting or even any of the other characters at all. 

I feel though there was diversity, but almost not depth or even unique traits about the characters itself. Even though there was quite a lot of differences, I just felt that some lacked brains, others so biased that I’m just amazed at it. And some just good, without any complexity concerning their character. The world was fascinating and interesting, but not the people that inhabit it. Which made it so hard to understand. 

I feel as though the moment Fletcher hurt Didric was the best moment that came from it. As it showed that he was still human and would return in pain the same way he was treated. I liked that, I really did. Maybe it’s because I believe that everyone should have a vice which made Fletcher more realistic. 

But he wasn’t interesting. He just wasn’t, he was impulsive and didn’t at least put some thought. Maybe he should have been a little more intelligent and changed a bit of his last name to be impossible to track, or had ran away. Maybe he should have just continued on and learned the summoning art on his own. That would have been way more interesting all the while he’s navigating the world outside his little town. 

With strong survival skills, he was likable but just not enjoyable. I enjoy characters that have a lot of complexity,and would think about helping someone. It’s human to hesitate before the right decision was made. In fact, I just didn’t feel as though any person here had any memorable lines nor great words. 

They all felt generic, or just bland. I couldn’t feel anything for Sylva who I believed should have a better tongue, since she was sent in by her father. In fact, I think that she had a lot of potential to be interesting or fascinating. 

Othello too, he just seemed to good. I would have liked if he had much more reservations about certain things, hesitations even beliefs about the dwarfs.

The nobles, I disliked them. They were just there, so evil that I could just roll my eyes. They were biased, yet I don’t even feel a thing for them. I couldn’t connect with them nor even wonder why they were like that. Just because they were superior, I would just laugh in their face. They believe they are superior which they are, but they don’t have interesting personalities. They just felt there, wanting to be the king and queen of the Academy itself. Hard to feel anything for a person with almost no aspiration and a cockiness and nothing complex nor interesting. 

I felt as though there could have been more questions raised, more complex personalities or even more unique traits to each character. I lost the ability to separate who was who by 300 pages. Or even want to get to know them.

They were just forgettable, every single character. I feel as though none of them were even morally gray, Fletcher was very slightly grey. They were either lost but still good, downright evil, or just good from the beginning. None of them even makes me look forward to their story at the end. It would have been better if Fletcher in the end was of another race and that he himself is questioning the need not to knock some sense into them. 

I felt like doing that throughout the entire book to the nobles, they didn’t have any brains to know the dire straits that they need every warrior they can find and instead focus on internal strife and proving their superiority or keeping their inheritance. 

In fact, I would have liked it if at one point someone decided to punch them or something. I disliked them, they were shallow not even compelling, and tbeir greed was just through the roof. And their treatment of the commoners, I’m not surprised if the country becomes destroyed in another twenty years or so. In fact, I’m surprised that it’s not experiencing decline. 

Even the adults were just as biased, it amazed me how they still stood as a country and haven’t fell. And still managing to fight two wars at that. Shouldn’t they treat the commoners with some respect so as to they just decide not to quit, they are saving them from having to go through noble bloodlines to the end, and then they would be extinct. 

In fact, Lord Faversham was by far the most interesting, not his character but his deeds. Which basically would have saved the nobility from being decimated down to nothing. In fact, being faithful is important but it also highlights the stupidity of the nobles, and their subsequent issue of not contacting the commoners who were summoners and at the same time bastard children of the Lord. In fact, it made no sense that they kept to themselves. When anyone who was first born could become a summoner, what are the chances. As long as you just sleep with a woman who has never have given birth, chances are whatever the gender of the child he or she would be able to summon. And also boosting the population. 

The moment when they included everyone, I call it having brains. No one will care who you are if you can fight, and help in the war after all it won’t kill you to include them, but it will shorten your life if you have no one else at the end and you are losing the war. And they are fighting two wars, I’m just surprised that they only start including everyone which was all the races. 

The book’s setting intrigues me, but at the same time I didn’t feel anything for the characters at all, and some of the worldbuilding was just illogical when a country is basically fighting two wars. And is basically treating a race to start another war between them. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 

Reading the sequel: Maybe, on one hand I dislike the characters, but the world intrigues me, but I would just borrow the book. 

The Fox Inheritance

The sequel to Jenna Fox here and the story here is different. In fact I liked the change in perspective here, switching over to another character. Even further developing Jenna as a character herself with her past. I enjoyed them here, and the sequel wasn’t totally unnecessary, it showed what happened in the future as well. 

In fact, I liked Locke and Kara. Their story here and its ending wasn’t unnecessary but answered many questions that I had in mind. Such as what would happen, even in the first book when it happened, I just kept on wondering about such a scenario. But I got my answer. 

With such a huge time span, I got to see Jenna grown and raising her own daughter. And she felt so, when she didn’t question for there was so many reasons a person wanted to escape or leave. 

The plot itself isn’t spectacular or has some sort of greater evil, but contains many moral ideals inside. And his eventual conclusion it concluded everything yet opened up a new thread itself. 

Locke as the main character here as his viewpoint is similar to Jenna as he is questioning everything. And constantly thinking before everything came to an end. 

Kara was quite unexpected with her rather confusing actions, with her need for revenge, not justice, on Kayla. Though I may think that she sacrificed herself to kill Gatsubo and was a good way to go at the end. It didn’t feel as though she was evil, but grey. Angry, confused before she decided to finish Gatsubo. 

Then, there was Jenna. She due to the time she had, became mature, grown and in fact a great character. She may not kick ass, but I would still consider her strong. As she stood up and eventually managed to change the perspective of those who feared her, looked at her ad though she was a freak. I liked that she did that, along with many other things. It made me feel as though she changed many things, even if she suffered quite a lot in return. 

Her reasoning was well done, and in fact relatable to a character as old as she was. Centuries would have made her more careful and incredibly wise. 

I did like Kayla here even as the child, I did like a lot of things that she brought Jenna herself. As well as Allys. 

Dot was my personal favorite, she may have been a robot but she still had more human qualities compared to others. And with her, I could see the lines being blurred to a great degree and she being a robot just made things even more questionable and thought provoking.

And Miesha, she was surprising. For her strength and constantly moving around and eventually her relation to Locke. Surprising but still possible, anything could have happened in that time. She was a good character that just kept moving on and going along even when her backstory is sad and pretty horrible. 

Overall I liked the story here, even with the worldbuilding here being quite fascinating and possible. The plot here wasn’t the best, as Gatsubo wasn’t the antagonist and had very little page time. To even show off his character other than being a mad scientist. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Would read the sequel: would read as I did want to know what was the favour he needed to return and how 


This week or so I have been watching this anime. An old anime, in terms of age but it still managed to get something out of me at the end. But the front and centre, not really. 

The story itself is all all about ninjas with a tragic romance added in it. Well, two of them. Both ending in a similar fashion, so it really does run in the clans itself. 

The best thing about the anime itself are the characters, the plot nothing special nor through provoking about it. The characters were the only thing that kept me here and going. 

Every single one of them had really intrigued me and I will further talk about them separately, they were the best thing about the story. That much I have to agree. And even the more monster like in design characters, they were realistic. 

And another thing, my favourite about this anime is that there was no good nor bad side. There was no clear direction for each character. Everyone had their own good and bad side, with their backstories, relationships and even habits. None of them were truly evil and it showed them well. One minute they can be tender and gentle, the next a cruel person ready to kill. In fact, everyone had at least killed someone in the story. In fact, a lot of the characters you just cannot tell from their looks, those have monstrous or strange looks sometimes have very good traits and those that were good, they can very dark sides. 

Every character here were at its best, they didn’t feel one dimension, some of them did. Because of the short screen time, which I’m thankful for that one flashback episode, it fleshed out their personalities well. And even introduced a lot of things. 

I had my suspicions about a lot of things, and it came true. At some point, they felt like real ninja, deception, schemes were their strongest abilities. Hell, the girls would sleep, seduce men if asked to. That was what I liked, is that it gave an accurate portrayal of ninjas, who were masters of silence. Well, I enjoyed Naturo but I like this cast more, they were less annoying, and they were all double sided. 

In fact, I enjoyed it. Even the more impulsive, or less subtle characters knew the art of keeping information. And deceiving them. 

And at certain points, I liked them and even clicked with some of them. There is a couple here that I like, and I just like them. It didn’t feel awkward forced, and the main couple here as well. 

Even though the story takes a dark twist, and at some points it would have sounded better to just run away. But I can see it in perspective, as they still have those that had died and grudges to settle. And in those times, it was natural to go back and put personal feelings aside to settle it. In fact, in such a setting and time, it would have went that way. I’m sure eloping was a good choice, but they would be letting down their entire clan, family and friends. Those that had died for them. 

And those that remained, many wanted revenge and it made a lot of sense. In fact, it was refreshing from the usual wallowing in self pity, or being so grief striken that I would just roll my eyes. And the ending, it lives up to the Romeo Juliet theme. And ended everything well.

Also, I would say that this story is very feminist. It is if they were portrayed well, they were portrayed as characters who were capable of thought and all did something awesome (yes, even Oboro.) They weren’t glorified sec objects and when they were raped, well they completely turned it against the male most of the time. And their way of returning sexual advances, I would say it’s a positive feminist message. 

And a lot of them were skilled and nor just idiot, even the most passive and weak Oboro. And the Ogen despite her age is still very skilled and powerful. I liked Akeginu’s abilities, Hotarubi, Kagero and have a special liking for Okoi.

All their endings are pretty gory, so just keep that in mind if you want to pick this up. And at the end of the day I enjoyed this anime, for its characters and strong portrayal of females here and kunoichis, most of them are deadly. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 

Watch for: the characters, action and gore

Don’t watch: if you want a real historical anime, or dislike tragic romance, or dislike having rather simplistic plot 

Also, a piece of advice: don’t grow attached to any of the characters.