Court of fives

Court of fives 


Well, this book was okay I guess. Not the best I have read, and nothing that really kept me glued to the pages. Even the ending didn’t make it feel fantastic or even explosive.

The characters here didn’t make much of an impression, there wasn’t really anything that picked my interest and to be honest it was quite bland. Jesamy, she didn’t feel like a good protagonist in my books, because she just did what she did for I don’t know what reason. Even though she wad dragged into it in her own way, but she also created the chance so nope.

The way the characters were written, didn’t get anything out of me, bland, Kalliaros. Heck, even the male interest wasn’t interesting. He had a kind heart, but how does he have a kind heart with his upbringing? I don’t know, thus his backstory and personality really doesn’t add up. In fact, it would be much more realistic to just have him act a little worse. Also there just wasn’t the lasting impression of him in my mind, I just cannot exactly remember his name or mix it up.

None of them interested me. Apart from some of the Saro women, which had piqued my interest and that Menoë actually interested me. To Jesamy’s mother, Kiya who also quite interested me.

Also, Lord Garon does interest me with his actions, just that he is more villain than antagonist. He just isn’t fleshed out. What drove him after power? Why? That is what I was asking myself all the time.

Although the worldbuilding was done quite well, from the way the Saro and Efean live together and at the end had something political and quite intriguing. But it just lacked something, oh yeah a real focus.

The political situation here had intrigued me from the political maneuverings that the Saro would do even though that had been disappointing. Although the way Lord Garon did things were both cruel yet in its own way very logical.

I’m just surprised that no Efean had started a rebellion yet, or even a rebel society. They are basically slaves which can be sold and beneath others, yeah, I’m not buying it that they don’t want to be treated as an equal.

The plot, well it just felt so loose, almost as though there was nothing on tying the loose ends or making it as deep as possible, as the earlier parts, some of it was random. The beginning I had expected something towards action, although glad that politics had a play here just that the action had needed to be put to the side. I wasn’t even sure what Jesamy did at some times.

Well, as a whole I read through it although not being pulled into the storyline, or any of the characters at all. I just read it without much emotions.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

I just need some time to seriously consider reading the sequel, I really do. This book just doesn’t intrigue me, it doesn’t make me want to pick up the next book.


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