The selection


326 pages later, I’m very ambivalent about this book.

This book is absolutely terrible, I like it at first but has plot holes and worldbuilding holes the size of mountains. It is as though it was dumbed down and what happened to the political intentions. Oh wait, there were none. This is not a dystopia, it really isn’t. Nothing to make you think, it really sounds like a fantasy.

A few things that I felt was good: the beginning and the relationship with America and Maxon by now, that was okay and that’s about it.

I didn’t like the worldbuilding, it made no sense at all. It looked like fantasy just under a dystopian tag. Also the plot runs like a typical palace drama except the meter cranked up to the highest. And the thing about castes, it makes no sense and usually is found in fantasy. If this is badly written dystopia, I would hate to see badly written fantasy. This book is not intelligent at all, if you actually think it makes no sense.

Heck even those from there, the rules are much better. In this book, it sounds like you are being bonded or enslaved by one.

I like America at first, she didn’t seem so bad. She hated the selection, the only thing I have for it is that I also agree with her. Especially with its lack of common sense. How it ran lacks sense, what happens to tests of intelligence, what happen to tests of manners. It sounds like it’s a pageant where as long as he likes it they will be selected. Yeah, I’m not going to buy it.

Also, new asia, why would anyone want to take over the world. It makes no sense at all. I’m Asian and I’m.sure that people have more common sense than that to start another war.

Also, I gave this book a fair chance. Even though I should have known from the very moment that the reviews on Goodreads were all very negative. And I fully agree.

The selection makes no sense, why would thirty five girls be chosen. A true daughter of Illea, yeah no again makes no sense. It would make more sense to just limit it to those of the upper castes. Unless it’s a lottery for those who can enter. Or maybe you know have America enter the Palace for something other than the selection. Heck I have seen better Chinese Dramas than this where it is decent. Also, what happened to the dangers of this place. I mean people would be driven over the edge to have the chance of becoming a queen. What happened to the underhanded means of the typical palace drama I seen. Wait, this is a dystopia for young adults. Such things should not be present. Well, I guess my expectations was too high. I mean show the underhanded means to us not just tell it straight to our face.

Also about the country, again it makes no sense. The rules sounds like a dictatorship with no right to answer or even not to do it. For goodness sake, there is even a curfew.

The plot, there was nothing. Just America going to the selection and everything. No tension, nothing serious going nothing at all. Even till over half of the book, nothing is happening. There are no stakes, just America being herself and wading her way through the selection. There is literally nothing happening. Or nothing serious that have stakes. Just until the last forty pages or so.

Also, Celeste sounds like a class A bitch and that she isn’t even fleshed out as a character. She just feels like a cardboard cut out.

Aspen, well I liked him at the beginning and still do. In fact he seems pretty interesting except for the fact that his character I feel as though he isn’t fully fleshed out. He likes America, has a complex that he should be providing for her and not the other way. But I just feel that there is more to him.

Actually the last forty pages isn’t so bad, America seems better and actually cares.

Well, I only read up to around 50%. The rest I just skimmed. Until around the last forty pages or so.

And the ending, are you serious? Nothing happens apart from the fact that America is declared an elite. This story has no development, nothing serious, nothing ended or even concluded and heck there was no plot.

Rating:  1.5 out of 5

Only 1.5 as there were some pretty good moments, that was about it. And that I would most definitely not read the sequel, I didn’t like it and I had better things to read. Thank god I didn’t buy it, just borrowed it.

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