Never have been much of the gamer, I only tried this game when my friend recommended it to me and I’m not disappointed.

Here I am to recommend a game that is just amazing. If you’re a fan of music games I would recommend this, as it’s just really good. The storyline even though I watched the full version on youtube in on the scale of something that will make you cry. It’s just really tragic.

But the game’s awesome anyway, and the soundtracks they are really good. Even though I managed to be rather good at it thanks to MP3 rhythm beat game, that for once helped me. It is a good choice to play the game when you are very busy and have no time to dedicate to games that need a lot of time. I’m only forking an hour a day on it and it’s already addicting.

I would include the full soundtracks on this when I finish the trial version and try to get the full one. They are worth listening to also, maybe just see a few other collections from other places such as Brave Frontier, I’m serious.

Well, this game is worth a shot of you’re looking for something different. I don’t see anything wrong if you’re like me looking for games that you can complete at your own time, and that you have better things to do than game all the time.  Also, the game developer company,  Rayark International seems to develop good games, maybe I’ll try out their other one.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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The selection


326 pages later, I’m very ambivalent about this book.

This book is absolutely terrible, I like it at first but has plot holes and worldbuilding holes the size of mountains. It is as though it was dumbed down and what happened to the political intentions. Oh wait, there were none. This is not a dystopia, it really isn’t. Nothing to make you think, it really sounds like a fantasy.

A few things that I felt was good: the beginning and the relationship with America and Maxon by now, that was okay and that’s about it.

I didn’t like the worldbuilding, it made no sense at all. It looked like fantasy just under a dystopian tag. Also the plot runs like a typical palace drama except the meter cranked up to the highest. And the thing about castes, it makes no sense and usually is found in fantasy. If this is badly written dystopia, I would hate to see badly written fantasy. This book is not intelligent at all, if you actually think it makes no sense.

Heck even those from there, the rules are much better. In this book, it sounds like you are being bonded or enslaved by one.

I like America at first, she didn’t seem so bad. She hated the selection, the only thing I have for it is that I also agree with her. Especially with its lack of common sense. How it ran lacks sense, what happens to tests of intelligence, what happen to tests of manners. It sounds like it’s a pageant where as long as he likes it they will be selected. Yeah, I’m not going to buy it.

Also, new asia, why would anyone want to take over the world. It makes no sense at all. I’m Asian and I’m.sure that people have more common sense than that to start another war.

Also, I gave this book a fair chance. Even though I should have known from the very moment that the reviews on Goodreads were all very negative. And I fully agree.

The selection makes no sense, why would thirty five girls be chosen. A true daughter of Illea, yeah no again makes no sense. It would make more sense to just limit it to those of the upper castes. Unless it’s a lottery for those who can enter. Or maybe you know have America enter the Palace for something other than the selection. Heck I have seen better Chinese Dramas than this where it is decent. Also, what happened to the dangers of this place. I mean people would be driven over the edge to have the chance of becoming a queen. What happened to the underhanded means of the typical palace drama I seen. Wait, this is a dystopia for young adults. Such things should not be present. Well, I guess my expectations was too high. I mean show the underhanded means to us not just tell it straight to our face.

Also about the country, again it makes no sense. The rules sounds like a dictatorship with no right to answer or even not to do it. For goodness sake, there is even a curfew.

The plot, there was nothing. Just America going to the selection and everything. No tension, nothing serious going nothing at all. Even till over half of the book, nothing is happening. There are no stakes, just America being herself and wading her way through the selection. There is literally nothing happening. Or nothing serious that have stakes. Just until the last forty pages or so.

Also, Celeste sounds like a class A bitch and that she isn’t even fleshed out as a character. She just feels like a cardboard cut out.

Aspen, well I liked him at the beginning and still do. In fact he seems pretty interesting except for the fact that his character I feel as though he isn’t fully fleshed out. He likes America, has a complex that he should be providing for her and not the other way. But I just feel that there is more to him.

Actually the last forty pages isn’t so bad, America seems better and actually cares.

Well, I only read up to around 50%. The rest I just skimmed. Until around the last forty pages or so.

And the ending, are you serious? Nothing happens apart from the fact that America is declared an elite. This story has no development, nothing serious, nothing ended or even concluded and heck there was no plot.

Rating:  1.5 out of 5

Only 1.5 as there were some pretty good moments, that was about it. And that I would most definitely not read the sequel, I didn’t like it and I had better things to read. Thank god I didn’t buy it, just borrowed it.

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Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review


The movie, wasn’t something that I wanted to catch, more so that it was just one fine day when my brother pestered my mother about it and this came up. Well, it was this or Kung Fu Panda 3. But I was pleasently surprised with this movie.

Honestly, this movie had been quite interesting and surprising. A lot of it is on the batman and superman fight but actually we get to see the build-up.

Honestly the one character that I have been doubting through my mind, was the sudden appearance of Wonder woman. I had to even look it up to confirm. Honestly nothing else except her costume implied that, no confirmation and everything.

Honestly, this crossover movie does touch on many things that most movies left out. Interestingly, on the matters of whether Superman is doing more harm than good.

Also, we get to see the heroes struggle and actually don’t really behave. Although I felt nothing while seating through the movie, and the only thing that kept me at my seat literally was the identity of the mysterious woman aka wonder woman. That was what kept me. She had been an enigma even though I had seen the poster but was unsure how did wonder woman come into this.

And somehow I’m not disappointed, from her very first appearance to the next and eventually to when she dons her costume. Everything was subtle to the pictures, and the one nearly a hundred years ago. That made me think very hard as she practically looked the same which gave me the idea that she was a superhero. She inducted her way into the story without it feeling as though she was just chucked into it. But she only played a role until the final fight thus I can see why her name wasn’t mentioned or in the poster. Until I went to the cinema than I managed to see her character poster.

One thing that was amazing about this story was its villain. Eccentric was the word I called Lex Luther. Although I didn’t even see his backstory but I just liked his character, honestly he is fascinating as a villain. At least he was more fascinating than the usual, I want to kill you for no reason. And that he isn’t pure evil. Although his backstory is interesting but he isn’t stupid, he thought it through. Although his motive for wanting Superman dead, I’m sure that it has to do with his backstory. He is an interesting antagonist as he doesn’t seem to be against either batman nor wonder woman just Superman alone.

I like him a lot more, much more for the fact that he had characteristics that makes him him. Such as his roundabout way of saying things, preferring not to reveal a lot. Never direct, but very roundabout. He always likes to give hints especially during that incident. Also, especially the fact that he was only human and a billionaire and yet he caused so much damage and that he didnt do it directly, just that he created the very thing that caused the damage.

Batman, well he played the anti-hero throughout the movie and was kinda interesting and very intriguing. More so, that his justice is different to that of Superman’s, he is a vilganate, Superman is hero would be something that I agree.  But in the end, he has changed somewhat.

Also the way that it ended, the way that very monster that Lex created in the end was killed. It was due to a weapon which originally had been developed to kill Superman.

Actually the fight I thought was going to be the main highlight only that it wasn’t the best thing here or what made it shine. And the fight featured how batman got the upper hand when at first it was Superman. But the story and buildup was better and should be as I would not want to waste one hour after another where just watching them fight. And that what happened before it and after it was awesome and what that I really enjoyed.

Although one weakness is that the story was pretty interesting, one thing that I didn’t feel as much was the emotion and that was it. The jokes here, although there were only three was pretty interesting and placed right in the middle of super serious situations although it felt well placed and natural.

The two hours spent on this movie was rather worthwhile, as it was worth to see this story unfold and the ending is very cliffhanger like. Almost as though it was readying itself for another movie. But I would probably catch it.

The ending, everything wrapped up but there were still loose ends. But I wonder what did Batman imply when he said that.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Revenge Queen 复仇女王


Here I am, doing a review on a local drama that recently ended and that I finished it on TV. For local dramas because of the standards here I’m not gonna go very in depth to everything like my other reviews, but just my thoughts, what I liked and absolutely hated about it.

Actually this drama had been a favourite of mine up until the last episode when the main character did a 360 degree turn for no reason that I could find. I can accept that there will be gaps in logic here as it is a show, but it was the size of mountains. That’s all I have to say.

I kinda enjoyed it alongside with Nirvana in fire, both actually attracting my attention. Although Nirvana in fire completely outshone this.

More importantly, I hated the ending. I had never had a love hate relationship with an ending and it gave me a reason to hate it.

I guess that they were running on a tight schedule here, however the story wasn’t strong, felt rushed but I did feel some emotions here and there. But other than that, this drama still isn’t that bad. The beginning was one of the most promising and then suddenly, they are the targets of a criminal organization, for no reason whatsoever although the reason that was given, the only word I have for it, it is a plot hole in the drama.

The earlier part was actually pretty enjoyable. Part of it made sense and that it was fast yet something that I had liked. Even with the illogical plot movement, I still had enjoyed it until the last episode.

This drama because of its pretty illogical plot progression and motives is not getting a good grade. However I did like the characters and wished they stayed the same rather than change to the point that I had to ask myself, what just happened?

Although I may still recommend it for its strong emphasis on feminism. Also due to a character here that has no skill on fighting, rather girly and stayed single in the end.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The other dramas on my side, I think I need to look for one where I can stand the story for longer than five episodes and caring about them before I would do a review. This was because I liked this drama although it had plenty of flaws.

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A Diary Update

Well, apparently I had just finished my other books. Tomorrow I will be dropping by the library both to return the books also to borrow new ones. I have an idea what to borrow next. Probably An Ember In The Ashes if I can find the copy. Also, Graceling and maybe Shadow in the moon. Three books, one per week, and a new review may pop up here.

Currently, with both my dramas and books done, I’m thinking of sticking with book reviews for the time being. Due to  Nirvana in fire, I don’t think I can look at other shows the same way and judge it by the standard of Nirvana in fire unless it’s from the same company. Not that I have the time anyway. This drama I had heard great things about, which was the reason why I ventured into it.

Although once the holidays come around, I may pick up the Imperial Doctesss or 女医.明妃传. Also legend of Zu. As right now, I’m insanely busy and book reviews are always the easiest as I can read books in under a day if I was sucked in or had my entire day free like City Of A Thousand Dolls.

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City of a thousand dolls

City of a thousand dolls


Actually this novel wasn’t as bad as I thought, sure I feel as though some areas could have been better ans characters but some of them are something that I enjoy.


Nisha as a character isn’t someone that stands out in the sea of ya female protagonists but she seems to be normal and have her own strengths either way. Being an unwanted girl like most in the city, although one thing stands out about her, is that she is truly unknown about her past and heritage only at the end to be revealed to be part of Klidi and the Sune. Well, that is find with me, much better than most that is the special snowflake for no reason whatsoever, she seems like a strong protagonist. And that when many things happened to her, and her eventual cripplement she didn’t moan and whine, not that she had the time to either way. Also, she had a strength despite at the end she realised that Devan could only accept her as a mistress and that she was heartbroken, but she still did what was right and recovered from it rather quickly although never forgetting Devan in the end.

Jerrit and Esmer

Also, her two animal companions are actually nice people. I liked them, although at times I forgot about them, they didn’t have a really substantial or outstanding personality but I liked them when they were around to support her. And the only time when I really take notice of them.


This girl actually developed some layers throughout the entire book, although she still isn’t a fully developed personality. Although her motives for killing Aity was just one word, I don’t know what to think of her reason, it was never elaborated and the reason that wad revealed here only gave me a thought, are you serious? Although the reason why it was, I can slightly agree as she was jealous and that she didn’t want to share. But she is really lacking in intelligence not to expect that.

Akash Tar’Vey

Only word for him, was greedy asshole and showed intelligence in many areas and used Nisha. Gave me the impression that he was an opportunist and hungry for power. I suspected him, but the only thing he actually did was to try to cover up the fact that Tanaya had killed people. Although he was right about the part to keep a back up girls who could take Tanaya’s place, surely there has to be more than that. I wouldn’t call him an antagonist, just an opportunistic, greedy and manipulative bastard. I kinda liked them in fact, well, just like my taste for evil characters.


Well, she was okay as a character and that was rather normal. Also, that she seems to have some form of kindness either way. Also, that suspected as the murderer and rather angry, well who wouldn’t be. I am rather curious what would become of her later on.


Actually, he felt realistic as a character although at first the great love interest. But inherently became a interesting character at the end when he chose to give up Nisha, I mean I am rather interested and invested in that kind of character. Why, as I’m so willing to give up everything for you love interest and that he thinks about his status although I hate his decision yet at same time yet it gave him more layers as a character. And that he still helped Nisha even though she rejected him, that shows some maturity to do what is right. Even more so when he chose to have Nisha become his mistress once he finds out about her injury, well, that was something though it would have been great if he had accepted it yet it became a dilemma for him as his family would not accept her but more so he was affected by that as his family would not accept her and that he thinks about the bigger picture and at least about his family no matter how despicable they might be despite having to be a jerk. That gives me the opinion that there is more to him and makes him more complex than upon first sight and actually distinguishes him.


I liked her, interesting as a character the matron had changed my view of her. She is not the typical good motherly character but more so, willing to do anything to preserve the city and that she views it of utmost importance and the fact that she would sacrifice anyone gives me something to look at. And that she seems to know what she is doing.

Prince Sudev

I don’t even know what to say about this guy, his appearance was the last few chapters yet I liked the guy on sight. He seemed to know politics, quite smart, is cruel, but still knows the price of debts and is willing to repay them, and didn’t just go to a really bad person for no reason at all. But hey, grey characters have always been the very thing that I like. He is the perfect one, a character that I would like to see more but I don’t think he will make a great king.


A last minute mention of this girl, she was willing to sacrifice everything to have the chance to play music once again, I must say that it wad reasonable for her. She didn’t want to be redeemed. And did break the rules. Knowing that it would take her forever before that, she wanted the play once more and that her death gave me some feeling that she was only a piece and that she had been too driven with her passion for music.


The plot here at the front takes a very simplistic approach until later, when you realise that many people you would never thought you would suspect is there. And that the plot actually talks about the two child policy that was applied and the effects of many things.
And that the murder mystery was actually interesting. The mystery have so many suspects and that the last one was the actually the last one I had suspected even though the clues was slowly being unraveled.


Actually I liked it, the ending featured Nisha being on her own with Jerrit and Esmer. Also, I liked it that she chose not to stick with Devan when he wasn’t ready to give up ready for her and her words about him was quite worth the thought. And that the ending was befitting and bittersweet.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Well, currently I’m thinking on starting a nirvana in fire Fanfiction maybe sometime next week, after I watch it once more and read the novel. Well, where it begins I may start with one shots here for the time being although I do have an idea for a long Fanfic and maybe several but I would prefer a response on the one shots first.

Currently, my long ones I have an idea for:

Becoming Mei Chang Su

Which is basically how Lin Shu became Mei Chang Su and how he made the Jiang Zhuo Alliance as well as gather all of them.

Lin Shu

An AU or alternate universe of what if the rebellion never happened.

And a still name unconfirmed for a Fanfiction around Princes Xuan Ji 璇玑. And another one concerning Ni Huang and her rise to a general.

Also, maybe one of Xia Jiang and the characters before then.

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