The Inventor’s secret


This book is a great book, I enjoyed it. If this is what Steampunk is about maybe I might consider reading more about it. The heroine here is someone that I can relate to, strong also the relationship between her and Jack is complex and different.

It isn’t about girl meets boy, they already knew each other for a long time and behave like enemies and nemesis. Which I think is a great way.

Also, I rather like Grave as he was truly intriguing, I spent half the book trying to guess who he was and the way it was it was great.

I feel that there are some things that could be done better but this book is really refreshing and different from the recent Kiss Of Deception.

Especially when it came to heroines, one is a Princess and this is a girl who lived in the catacombs all her life yet could still kick ass.

Ash is an overprotective big brother though it would have been better to expand on their age gap maybe around four to five years older as otherwise it would not really make sense. But he is a character that I like because he cares for his sister even though he wishes that she would stay away from fighting. He is a leader of the group and actually I think that he behaves like one.

Jack isn’t really the usual type of bad boy, sure some areas ooze bad boy but other areas, he’s pretty human especially when it came to how he thinks.

He loves his mother and hates his father with proper reason and everything, it’s just great that the author done that well and hates his sister. His father basically cheated on his mother and even had a daughter with one of his mistresses.

It makes sense and potrays Jack in a more complex fashion like the colour gray, he isn’t white or black but very gray. That’s why I like him, sure he makes his own fair share of stupid mistakes but he tries to find a way to solve it.

Meg is very relatable and I cam see why she did some things and behaved differently, it just makes her human. Her past is something very relatable, she wants to go back to her mother and prove that she could survive. That’s a really good character.

Coe, well he is the older brother of Jack and behaves differently which came with maturity and I kinda like him maybe it’s because most of the brothers that I come across in books are either utter jerks or cowards. I can feel that he cares for Jack and everything.

The plot is something that is there and surprising especially when it came to certain things, the beginning totally caught my attention, it was actually why I picked it up in the first place. Later on, I enjoyed the parts about the catacombs and New York. This story is really good especially when it came to the pacing such as being slow when it came to new york, slightly on the fast side in the catacombs and the ending which was just full of excitement. The cliffhanger ending just makes me want to read the sequel.

The world building here is simply great and realistic especially for a Steampunk series like this. I would pick up the other books and continue reading for sure.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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