The Good Dinosaur Review


Today I went to the cinema to watch a movie with my family. This was on the list of movies that my brother could watch and the only one that he wanted. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about it. However, I was completely surprised about this movie.

It’s that good in fact, I do not regret seeing it. I like Arlow as a main character, he’s a very kind determined but afraid of everything around him and is a complete and utter scaredy cat. However, he’s transformation through the entire movie was great and relatable. He’s also very human-like despite being a dinosaur, wanting to gain his father’s appreciation, wanting to do something exceptional,angry and hurt as well as wary.

Spot was a character that I didn’t understand much however I grew to love him especially when it came to his strength, he looks as though he was raised by wolves or dogs and behaves like one as well. He’s very independent, doesn’t say much throughout the entire series, he is able to hunt very well and knows what to do as well.

There were people that I hated and there were many secondary characters here, the plot is done very well with everything making sense and the friendship being the centre of the story.

They went from enemies to friends, that was great. Both helped each other and saved them many times, the most memorable in my mind would probably when Arlow saved Spot.

There were so many scenes here that made me emote and almost cry, this movie has done a great job at doing this, I really felt a connection with him.

The friendship is great and at the end it was a rather good ending with Spot also finding his family as well as Arlow going back to his family.

The secondary characters are really human like and I enjoyed them immensely, be it from the villain or antagonists of the movie is great. Also, the Tyrannosaurus family were great, and hilarious.

The movie is a must watch for anyone, it’s the type of movie that makes you cry, makes you feel something and learn something from the movie as well.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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