Today I just played a game that my Brother plays it’s called Hearthstone. Let me say that I’m obsessed with the game, especially the cards. For once, I wholeheartedly agree that this game is a must play and I’m a girl.

This game just got me hooked from the beginning be it from the design, abilities or whatever, even though for the first turn I had no idea how to play it but otherwise, its great.

I extremely enjoyed this game from my Brother’s account but the only downside is that it takes up too much space, seriously 800 plus MB is a lot to my phone.

There are so many decks te choose from and I was playing against the mage the first time, it was totally enjoyable and got me hooked onto it.

As of right now, maybe playing addictive games isn’t so bad until school starts.

As for now, I’m playing it on my Brother’s phone and he’s talking to me about the cards here and everything. I think I’m gonna enjoy this holiday as of now.

Sweet dreams postings from dreamingmt


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