Defiance Review


This book is rather good, I actually thought that it was a dystopian until I read it as a fantasy apocalyptic book. Which definitely weren’t in my thoughts at all.

While there are not much worldbuilding from either food, detail, just general worldbuilding. Beliefs, fashion and some others.

Well, I did like Rachael on a usual scale, because she is one really interesting character, well, she seems really rebellious and is extremely stubborn on everything and anything thay she does. However, I don’t find her brave in any way, just reckless.

Logan is a different from stereotype smart guy, but that’s about it, his plans are always failing as well as he doesn’t know how to outsmart the commander or think about every possible situation.

I think about Commander Chase, there is only one thing on my mind, he’s too evil. He’s a very shallow character or as shallow as it can get. He doesn’t have any past on how he ended up that way or anything at all. ,

But I realised that the two of them basically has the same POVs which means that there is no difference unless Logan is talking about science and plans.

The plot begins from her father’s death, and Rachael wanting to go to the wastelands and save him. This motive is pretty sensible and it is a good one.

Logan and Rachael have a pretty complex relationship, with Rachael being rejected by Logan in love, thus her attitude towards him.

I guess that not every female heroine is supposed to be a girl who had no romance and this is proof of it. I was rather intrigued by it and just continued reading and such.

The romance develop more later on, when it is revealed that Logan and Rachel still had feelings for each other at all. It was a joy to read.

The later parts which takes place in the wastelands were pretty serious and made sense to have plenty of death, the death of her father was something I guessed but not a device that can control whatever those firebreathing creature or The Cursed One as their referred to, definitely will keep reading.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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