November 30

Today was a normal day in my holiday or as normal as it could get, however, I am going to be very busy reading on Wattpad and writing my chapter.

And using snapchat and book blogging, though I am running a little low on things to blog about. Maybe the next thing would be songs and such.

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Swordsman Review


This is the newest remake of Swordsman, or rather Xiao Ao Jiang Hu. This was one of the first Chinese dramas I watched.

I have to admit that it’s not that badly done and that I was seriously confused by Dong Fang Bu Bai’s gender for most of the series. As I looked up upon the book and it said that he was a castrated man, but this was clearly portrayed by an actress.

I rather liked this series if you consider it, even though only until recently that I re-watched it again and it wad quite bad.

Wallace Huo as Ling Hu Chong


I rather liked this actor, he is amazingly handsome, sure that is shallow but it is important for an actor or actress as looks are also a way to become famous.

His portrayal was rather well done, although I didn’t get the really mischievous vibe but he did do a good job at proving that he is a really funny guy although it wasn’t really natural. But I have to admit, he completely nailed the more serious ones. It’s probably because he often potrays really serious and cold characters.

He has really great chemistry with Joe Chen, maybe it’s because they used to date, and I can see it onscreen but with Yuan Shan Shan it’s next to non-existent.

Joe Chen as Dong Fang Bu Bai


I guess that I watched for this actress, she’s really good. Also, I spent more time shipping her with Ling Hu Chong than  Ren Ying Ying.

Also, I remembered her face way faster than Yuan Shan Shan, because of her acting and her early premiere in the series compared to others.

I can see why so many people say that she is a great actress, and that she is playing a girl dressing as a guy and convinced  me that she was Dong Fang Bu Bai.

For this role, Yu Zheng chose a great actress.

Yuan Shan Shan as Ren Ying Ying



This actress certainly didn’t strike me in any way that she was Ren Ying Ying, a cold beauty who could be ruthless and cruel. For once, I get why Joe Chen took up most of ner scenes.

She is not a great actress, I wasn’t even convinced and certainly didn’t strike me as Ren Ying Ying. Her features are a little plain and didn’t stand out when compared to Joe Chen.

And the clothes, sigh, it’s way too bright, I can’t even see why a cult that’s considered demonic would have such ridiculously bright coloured clothes. Or when did they get so much time to dye all the clothes into the colour that she mostly wore.

The plot isn’t as bad as I thought even though Yu Zheng made some changes that I’m okay with, it’s good to have an original take.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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The Ghost Bride Review


This book is generally a good read. The plot is interesting and the beginning nothing short of enticing, the setting anf detail as well as description is amazing. There are still things that could be improved on after all.

The setting here is in Malacca, Malaysia, about a girl named Pan Li Lan, I have to admit that it’s good about the point of view being Li Lan’s and everything. The detail about the food, buildings or whatever Li Lan saw was actually a joy to read. I like the setting particularly is that it reflects me in a way, because I’m from Singapore. And Malacca is pretty similar to Singapore in its own way.

It began from the night her father asks her about becoming a ghost bride. Although she refuses and her father agrees to reject it. However, she is haunted by the spirit of Lim Tian Ching, whom she would have become ghost bride of if she had chosen to become one.

She visits a medium who gives her something that would keep the spirits away from her. However, she uses too much of it and is thrown out of her own body.

Because she’s in a way dead, she travels around and meets Er Lang who tells her to go to the plains of the dead in which she goes after with the aid of Fan.

in which she is seen working as a serving girl in the Lim household in the plains of the dead. At the same time, she also uncovers many secrets behind the Lim family. Their dealings with one of the nine kings of hell.

She gets back a letter that tells them of it, and sends it to Er Lang. The last part was pretty good. Then, Li Lan cannot go back to her body as Fan has taken possession of it.

She wonders around almost dead to see Er Lang who gives up fifty years of his lifeforce to her. She goes back and decided to marry Er Lang instead of Tian Bai and the real killer of Li Tian Ching is revealed to be her half-sister, I think.

Li Lan is a character that I can relate to, however, I feel as though she is quite passive, but I can understand it since it’s from an olden day setting. She is pushed to take action, I rather liked her due to her book smarts.

The characters like Tian Bai and Tian Ching are only developed on the surface level. There isn’t really anything that is developed deeply about them.

However, Er Lang is extremely interesting and a joy to read, because he’s basically a jerk,arrogant, sarcastic, self-serving, so many flaws. However, he is quite nice to Li Lan and their love is a little interesting.

I especially liked the last part, when he gave up part of his life force to save her, that was an interesting thing to read, and that underneath that really arrogant jerk, he actually had somewhat of a heart.

I would definitely reconmend this

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Qin’s Moon

Qin’s moon is an upcoming drama, with many characters inside and everything, I will watch it brcause it’s under the Wuxia genre, also it’s a new adaptation. I’m excited for this as it’s going to be released tommorow, I wonder the web version will also be available as well. Will definitely be watching this.









The stills here look pretty good, will definitely be keeping up with this drama.

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The Kiss Of Deception Review

This is about the book by Mary E Pearson and her book the Remant Chronicles: The kiss Of Deception.


This book overall I enjoyed it a lot, I read finished the book. It had me hooked, however I do feel that there are some things that could be improved on.
The point of view is written in first person which is a strange choice for a fantasy book, however I do like Lia as a general character.
She is strong and has her own flaws which affect her in her own way. Rafe is rather okay, he does have his own personality traits which set him apart from Lia.
Kaden is an assassin however, I can’t even feel anything menacing or ruthless about him. If that is the case, he is not a assassin much at all. However, I do like him to a certain extent.
Pauline is my personal favourite, she is such a joy to read for me. She is a patient, smart, loyal like how Lia describes her and everything.
The plot at the beginning was interesting, I really liked Lia and how she wanted to flee because who wants to marry someone that you barely know. The plot in the middle was quite realistic though I felt that Lia isn’t very intelligent or active as she doesn’t really go inside into trying to find out who were Rafe and Kaden exactly.
The world building here is great I have to admit, I can’t really think of anything that is missing with a map of the world and everything in place. The world is rather realistic and possible and I like the parts about the gods, and the gift.
But generally, this is a good read.
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Defiance Review


This book is rather good, I actually thought that it was a dystopian until I read it as a fantasy apocalyptic book. Which definitely weren’t in my thoughts at all.

While there are not much worldbuilding from either food, detail, just general worldbuilding. Beliefs, fashion and some others.

Well, I did like Rachael on a usual scale, because she is one really interesting character, well, she seems really rebellious and is extremely stubborn on everything and anything thay she does. However, I don’t find her brave in any way, just reckless.

Logan is a different from stereotype smart guy, but that’s about it, his plans are always failing as well as he doesn’t know how to outsmart the commander or think about every possible situation.

I think about Commander Chase, there is only one thing on my mind, he’s too evil. He’s a very shallow character or as shallow as it can get. He doesn’t have any past on how he ended up that way or anything at all. ,

But I realised that the two of them basically has the same POVs which means that there is no difference unless Logan is talking about science and plans.

The plot begins from her father’s death, and Rachael wanting to go to the wastelands and save him. This motive is pretty sensible and it is a good one.

Logan and Rachael have a pretty complex relationship, with Rachael being rejected by Logan in love, thus her attitude towards him.

I guess that not every female heroine is supposed to be a girl who had no romance and this is proof of it. I was rather intrigued by it and just continued reading and such.

The romance develop more later on, when it is revealed that Logan and Rachel still had feelings for each other at all. It was a joy to read.

The later parts which takes place in the wastelands were pretty serious and made sense to have plenty of death, the death of her father was something I guessed but not a device that can control whatever those firebreathing creature or The Cursed One as their referred to, definitely will keep reading.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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