Frost Like Night 

This was a decent ending to a series. I didn’t dislike where it headed in the least, nor did I hate where it went as well. Overall, I do enjoy this series even though it’s mostly pure enjoyment. 

I think what made me like this a little more than Ice Like Fire is that there was more on Meira struggling to accept her own death, and since it is in first person. It depends heavily on the main character itself. And her struggle here made me like her quite a bit more than the last book. She was struggling then, but here was where she had a turning point which I enjoyed the direction it took. 

As for the alternating points, I do admit that it is what I should expect in a war. There is just too much and if I constantly read Meira’s struggles all the time, I would be bored and wonder where the heck is everything else doing. As for Rares and Oana, they are quite interesting and at least should have more depth than that. I was expecting him to have a little more quirks, he’s a centuries old dude, he probably has picked up some strange things. I highly doubt that he spent it all locking himself and dealing with monarchs who grow out of hand. 

As for the romance, I do admit that it felt as though it overtook quite a bit in the middle part and dragged quite a lot. I didn’t really find it fluffy nor completely unnecessary. But I do admit that it just didn’t feel like a war to me. At all. 

As for Angra, I was hoping that he would have been explored a little more and well his motives isn’t even hella clear to me. And as a villain, he honestly is boring. Same for Theron, I was expecting a little twist that you know what, Theron followed him of his own will. I was hoping that that would happen, and Angra had a little more depth, he barely had an appearance within this book itself.

Meira most certainly didn’t spend time understanding our major villain, and most of it went to worrying over her life which is legit. But I just want to see Angra being far more a threat, because he just seems so weak in his attempts to crush Meira. 

Overall, I do admit that the ending is nice. Though not what I had expected in terms of the book, but all came together and at least Meira no longer has any magic. And the consequences of it is clear as well, but it dragged quite a bit and less was actually focused on the war they were fighting, figuring out Angra and even outsmarting him. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Kuroshitsuji 126

I would say that this is a cliffhanger which I didn’t expect either. But for certain, I am not expecting it to be Ciel. At least not the Earl we have always known, which brings me whether the next chapter might reveal the Two Ciel Theory. 

Well, since with how Soma particularly acted around this mysterious visitor. He invited him in with a kindly tone, joke with him. And it does remind me of how he interacted with Ciel quite a lot even though he mostly shakes it off. And most importantly, is how he remarked that Ciel looked ill. That could mean quite a lot since the Ciel we see doesn’t have any physical aliment as of now. And that does make me suspect who it is. 

About Lizzie, I really don’t know. But he would not be so casual around her, such as even touching her. It doesn’t strike me that Soma would want to do something like that. As such, I doubt that it is Lizzie at all.

As for what Agni found, it does very much make me think of the photo back in Chapter 123. One which burned, what is left is something extremely important and possibly even what confirms it. I am quite okay with the Two Ciel Theory as it is, it does explain quite a lot. And all the while, there are perfectly good reasons why he would do so anyway. 

As for Agni’s reaction, it’s much more of the Phantomhives having twins rather than something else entirely. His reaction does tell me of it either way. Doesn’t really make sense if he would freak out over something minor, and the other theories don’t make a lot of sense. Unless it has something to do with Sebastian the dog? Maybe, but I think it having more to do with Ciel. 

As for the ending, I think that Agni would be the one who intercept that bullet. Though I do wonder where this would head into, and who is the shooter of that particular gun. I think that the next chapter would be where some questions are finally answered and whether this arc would truly be important to the storyline like what the author promised. I do enjoy this manga for all the clues and mysteries and even small details here which push the plot forward. 

So, I can’t wait for the chapter next month. What about you? What do you think if this chapter currently? 


Carve The Mark 

My real issue with this book is that it is just so dull that I can barely remember almost anything about the story. I didn’t hate the book but I didn’t have any joy from reading it, and it was just so dull I skimmed the last part. 

Cyra, is a sort of weapon. I lost interest in her in the beginning already, she was uttelry boring having almost no emotion whatsoever, and to make it worse when narration was dull. Akos is also as dull as Cyra is, his chapters and her chapters, I couldn’t bloody care about any of them in the least. Even less about the supporting characters. Most of them went way over my head in how they acted. 

The world was so simplistic and the dialogue just boring and not intriguing me to know more about this galaxy and world. It’s just two planets, a solar system and I barely know anything else. It went over my head because of how monotonous the book was. Boring, and failed to keep my attention in the least. I couldn’t even remembered what was mentioned because I simply wasn’t engaged in this. It felt more like a chore that I have to read(I dislike dropping books). 

I can safely say that the writing was what ruined it for me, seeing as how Cyra were developed did seem interesting, except I never even saw what she was raised for. In fact, I expected it at the very beginning. I didn’t have high hopes for Akos which also seemed to be a letdown, as he could help her think about her reality and how it is completely different. And also at the same time provide another narration. 

Nope, both are just so dull that all details flew over my head, the conversations so plain that I barely remembered any of it. Overall, I cannot even rate this book highly. I can barely even remember what to recommend for this book, it’s just that I read it, and skimmed it because I wasn’t even able to connect to the characters nor even enjoy the book at all.  

Rating: 2 out of 5


The Conjurer’s Riddle 

I would say that it is a pretty decent sequel, introduces new plots and characters. All the while keeping it to mainly about Charlotte and Grave, and exploring what happens if someone is resurrected from the dead itself. 

Once again, I do like Linnet more than anyone else here. She seems cool, fun to talk to and for once has some common sense. It seems that with Coe and even Jack, they felt quite immature to me. Charlotte isn’t a woman who needs to be protected, she had proven it over and over again. 

And thankfully despite this going into the love triangle section, it is beginning to change a little more here. With Both Jack and Coe having their faults, even moments where they might not be as good as they seem. But to me, they aren’t completely wrong, and Charlotte simply disagrees with her own personality as it is. 

I do admit that Charlotte did carry the story on many occasions, with Grave being the main pivot of it all. He is what almost everyone is after, with hopes of replicating his father has done. Which to me is the main storyline here more than anything else. Being in a war, and Grave is a sort of invention that would make all come for him. Makes a lot of sense if you ask me. And Charlotte simply wishes to protect him. 

Overall, I do like how this set up the next book in many occasions. Introducing the other characters and setting up the final book which is clear. But lacked a little on its own conflict and does suffer from the middle book syndrome due to how it was ran. But I do like where it is heading and the further exploration of the characters and the world itself. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5



I have to admit that I took a very short time to finish this anime(technically three days). Firstly, it was mostly to kill boredom before it became an obsession with this show. I would say that this is less of a mystery but more of historical fiction. Mystery wise, it is very easy to solve it given who Victorique is. 

I would say that the plot is incredibly well thought out, with it simply being incredibly clever at many points. From the names, to the tales used. And even where it heads, the early mysteries merely set up the storyline before the ending. And all try cases are rather easily solved by Victorique, which is why I chose to place it under historical fiction, it isn’t a mystery when she can solve it with enough evidence which I would say to any detective might be sparsely any evidence at all, and less than is actually spent in investigation. 

But all the mysteries build up and is one piece of a puzzle to the next, perhaps not a chain reaction. But rather threads set apart and one day would come together, that is how the plot works and it comes together very smartly too. Even giving hints as to what happened to the characters at the end of the mystery if they were still alive. 

As for the characters, I do admit that they are well done. To me, Kazuya is a nice but kind hearted and also a badass(he fought in a war, and in episode two he managed to knock people out with brass knuckles). He’s clearly nothing compared to Victorique in terms of brains, but his combination is a nice for a main character. I might become pretty bored if it was solely Victorique. 

But the one whose past is even more important to the entire storyline is hers, with her history being of the most difficult to see. And that it explains her character rather well enough why she acts as she does, and why does she even treats Kazuya so incredibly badly. I mean, she has no social interaction up until Kazuya, I barely count conversations with her brother and her father. 

Another great thing is the last of support characters, where they might seem incompetent (Grevil at sleuthing or ridiculous(Cecile and Avril). But that all play a role in building towards the ending. 

And Grevil is one of the more developed, he is in love with someone else, sports a ridiculous hairstyle because Victorique made him too. And he has a personality, in certain ways being unkind to her yet helping her when he can. That makes him quite complicated, but also interesting. Particularly the part where he is a sleuth, he is absolutely useless as one, and depends on his sister, but not completely stupid and plays dumb when needed of him to. 

As for the characters later which draw my attention it would have to be Cordelia. She is by far the one with the most tragic back story, I mean being exiled for a crime that she did not commit, not really that bad. But what happens to her during the time where she brought Victorique to the world I really would not say, and even more after her birth. Rather insane if you ask me. And her end, I would say pretty tragic for someone of her life where she spent it moving from one terrible situation from another. She is clearly one which wins my sympathy in this case. 

Overall, I would say that this has been one enjoyable anime for me. Where I spent them putting clues together, some I managed to figure out, others, I couldn’t even begin to scratch the surface itself. And watching a romance develop to me, is something I enjoy if it is slow, and in this case it has to be as Victorique is clearly rather difficult to love immediately. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


Outrun The Moon 

Mercy had my heart from the first chapter itself. She was a good character which I really related to her, her struggles and saw her journey to the end. And I do admit that she is one of the most unique characters lately, where I don’t feel as though she is so selfless nor is she perfect. But something in between, where she does make mistakes and see sacrifices being made by others. 

But most importantly, a diverse culture here is what I appreciated. And having them come together even though they originally kept to their own race, during an Earthquake which to me became a turning point in the story itself. 

Although it did drag a little towards the end, where I skimmed a couple of pages. And Mercy dealing with the death of her family, even though her father survived it. But to me, it was a dragging point of the book where I was more bored than anything else. The beginning had hooked me, in the hilarious way Mercy described herself sometimes, the culture here being rather authentic, there was still so many things that I didn’t know existed within my own culture. 

However, Mercy is what keeps the book together. If you don’t like her, I would suggest that you put this book down, as it will be all about her journey and struggles than anything else. This is a very character driven book and Mercy is what drives the entire storyline, since she is someone that makes things happen than anything else. Which to me, is a much better way to drive it than having a series of coincidences which lands her to a school here she finds her way around it and does everything to ensure she still can stay. 

Overall, I would say that this book is a good one for the young adult genre. Where it falls about adversity, people coming together to face adversity and during the Earthquake. All historical events, and having a very decent character at the centre of it. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 


Improving Your Craft

To others that might include a lot of steps. But to me, I guess the main idea is to write, write and write. You probably wouldn’t know what sounds good on your first novel, but after countless tries, your work would sound better albeit still not perfect. 

But the most basic thing you have to do first is to write, write a first draft that is horrible, write a short story, write anything that doesn’t sounds right. Experiment. Just write basically. You won’t get it right the first time, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t later on. 

But like I said, you have to write. There is no simple way to go over it. Trust me, I thought that by reading writing tips my work will be a lot better than others. That my work would be a notch higher. Unfortunately, never worked out. You will only learn if you constantly write, and keep writing. 

And it’s simpler than having to attend workshops, courses on writing, which I have never even stepped foot into one. Although I used the internet for advice and tips, but at the end of the day it drill doesn’t help much with the exception of writing. 

If you want to say that failure doesn’t sound right to you, let me tell you that in this, you probably have to expect a lot of failures and disappointment. It’s in the life of a writer, when you get a critique that has a list long of suggestions where you can improve, trust me, it will happen and no work is immune to it, there isn’t an objective book in writing, only subjective. And you probably need to have something to show them, you can talk all you want about the book but if it doesn’t exist because you haven’t started writing then it is quite a waste. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just pick up the pen, as let’s face it, there is no perfect time to write a book, it’s either we do it now or we will never get around to it.